Reusable Hot Drinks Cups: Sundried [AD-Gifted]

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On my search for a new hot drinks cup, I was gifted a cup from an up and coming ethical sports brand called Sundried.  Obviously, I got really excited.  A new cup!  Woo!


How good is it as a cup?

It is a perfectly adequate cup!  It is made from two layers of plastic using air as an insulator, which creates an illusion that your cup of tea is floating.


The lid is also made from plastic, but unlike similar cups, there is no plastic after taste.  This is the thing I had most with drinks cups, so was relieved that they had avoided this.


Aesthetically, it is a very sleek looking cup.  When I was walking to work carrying it, I felt like I was carrying a premium product and that is what this is.


How long will it keep drinks warm?

I haven’t tested this thoroughly as I have been getting better at remembering to drink my tea recently.  However, one cup did get left for an hour and was still a good tea drinking temperature when I got round to it.


What makes Sundried different?

I was drawn to Sundried because we share values when it comes to looking after the planet.  They mainly sell activewear and have worked hard to produce clothing that is sustainable.


They have two ranges called Eco Charge, which is made from recycled coffee grounds and Eco Core which is made from recycled bottles.


Their website states that they are committed to helping combat the global plastic pollution crisis and have worked with charities such as Surfers Against Sewage.  With them, it feels like your money will be in good hands.


How about the packaging?

Despite all their efforts to reduce plastics, it seemed that this had been a little overlooked in the packaging department.  The cup came in a cupboard box with a plastic bag to protect the cup.  Personally, I felt the plastic was unnecessary.


Any criticisms?

Generally, it is a lovely cup.  Personally, plastic is not my favourite, but this looks good and will survive lots of use.  The husband has now stolen it from me and claimed it as his own, so it is very popular with him.


How much does a Sundried reusable cup cost?

£20 but if you use the code LAYP then you can get a whopping 50% off.  This applies throughout the shop, so go and look at the rest of their range too.  I particularly recommend their water bottle which is getting lots of love in this house.


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