About Me

Back in 2015, I started blogging as a way to chronicle my journey into motherhood.  I wrote about everything from parenting to the environment to gluten-free living.

But I realised that I wanted to focus on financial education.  It is after all by biggest passion and the topic of conversation that I most frequently bore my friends and family with.

Hence, Looking After Your Pennies was born in 2018.  A place for me to share all my best tips on the topics of Saving Money, Making Money and Eco-friendly Living.

Who am I?

I’m Charlotte.  I’m mummy to two little girls.  I enjoy running, swimming, reading, yoga and travelling.

In 2009, I entered the world of teaching after receiving my degree in mathematics.  I was a teacher for 10 years, teaching students aged 11-18 years.  In that time, I studied for a Master’s degree in Advanced Educational Practice and a further post-graduate qualification in Special Educational Needs Co-ordination.

Then in 2018, two kids later, I decided that enough was enough. I wanted to dream bigger and I set about making plans for an around the world trip.

After a year of extreme frugal living, we set off.  We travelled through 5 continents and 12 countries with small backpacks (around 5kgs each) and two young children (4 and 2 years old).

Save money and the planet

My ability to make and save money was the key to achieving this lifelong dream.  We worked to make money, save money and live eco-friendly lives before, during and after our trip.

The information in this blog will help you achieve the same.  If that is what you want.  If not, it will help you achieve some other big dream.

Follow the links above to get started.  Or contact me here.

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