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Oh My Dosh! How Can I Make Money?

If you’ve not heard of Oh My Dosh or if you’ve heard of it but are still uncertain, then this article is for you.   I discovered Oh My Dosh a little while back.  However, I hesitated thinking it sounded too good to be true and therefore must be a scam.   Then, a couple of months ago, I came to my sense and gave it a go.  Now, I’m nearly £70 better off and I’ve still got lots of offers to make money from.   What is Oh My Dosh!? Oh My Dosh! is a website that gives you money when you sign up for different trials and offers.  Think Quidco Quidco and TopCashback but for things like Amazon Prime subscriptions.   How to sign up to Oh My Dosh!? You can sign up to Oh My Dosh using my link and earn yourself a £1 welcome bonus to…

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Matched Betting For Beginners

After reading about matched betting online for a while, I finally took the plunge about a year ago.  Taking recommendations from other bloggers, I signed up with a Profit Accumulator account and made a huge profit in just a matter of weeks.   If you are looking for new money-making ideas to reach your goals, then matched betting is perfect.  Pretty much everyone can do it and you can make lots of money all from your sofa.   To help you get started I’ve put together this matched betting for beginners’ guide, including a matched betting step by step, tops tips, and answers to many commonly asked questions.   What is matched betting? Matched betting is a way of profiting from the free offers that bookmakers use to keep you betting.  Except we don’t keep betting we just make money from the free bets.  And we don’t gamble.   How…

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The Best Refer-A-Friend Schemes 2019

Looking for some new money making ideas?  With so many businesses out there trying to capture a slice of the market, many are turning to word of mouth marketing.  This relies on you telling your mates how great they are.  Whether you are looking for refer and earn apps, referral programs that pay cash or those that offer free stuff, I’ve got them all!   Can’t read it now?  Pin it for later!   Best Referral Programs To Make Money What is better than making money from a referral code or link?  You literally get paid for referrals.  There are several good ones out there and these are my favourites. Profit Accumulator If you are into matched betting an already using this site then you should definitely take advantage of their refer-a-friend programme.   It is a simple system where you give your mate your unique code.  They enter this…

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How To Make An Extra £100 This Week

We all have weeks where a little extra cash would make a big difference.  We also have weeks when we would just like more money.  Because, you know, money is nice!   As we are at the end of what feels like the longest January ever, here are three money making ideas to help you make an extra £100 this week.  AND have the money in your bank account by the weekend.   Can’t read it now?  Pin it for later! OhMyDosh (£45+) I signed up to this website a long time ago.  I have no idea why I didn’t continue with it but I was a fool.   The way the website works is that you get money for signing up to offers or surveys.  Many of these are free trials, such as Amazon Prime or NowTV.  For taking the free trial, they give you money.   Let me say…

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Coping Financially On Maternity Leave

Finding out you are pregnant should be a happy moment.  It was for us.  But that didn’t mean that we weren’t then later hit by the “oh my goodness!  How are we going to cope financially on maternity leave?” moment.   I was absolutely determined to take a full year off work to spend with my eldest.  To me, I needed to build the foundations of family life.  Plus, I really fancied a year-long break away from the stresses of working life.   First time around, we didn’t find money that bad.  We were both working full time so we could put a fair amount aside each week.  Second time around required a bit more thought.   Luckily for me, money is my thing!  Luckily for you, I kept a list.  Here are 17 tips and ideas to ensure you are coping financially on maternity leave:   Can’t read it…

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