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Frugal Friday Five – Money Making Apps – 28th September 2018

Frugal Friday Five – Money Making Apps – 28th September 2018

For me, making money is a big part of a frugal lifestyle.  I care about the money that comes my way and I intend to put it to good use.  I am particularly fond of making money on necessities such as food shopping, utility bills or clothes.  In some ways you could consider these money SAVING ideas, but I like to think of them as a bonus as that forces me to get the lowest price in the first place.  With that in mind, I have become keen on money making apps this week.  Both those that are fairly passive and others that require a bit more input.  Therefore, when I was looking for a theme for this week I quickly landed on “money making apps”.  Here are my five favourites:


Tesco Clubcard

I have had my Clubcard for years but only recently have I got the app.  For me the app is a bit of a game changer.  It makes keeping track and spending your points so much easier.  Plus, you can get many of the vouchers straight to the app and spend them from there.  Clubcard points have given us so many free days out and meals as a family.  They are so easy to earn, as you just use your card every time you shop in Tesco.  They’ve even introduced a new feature which is called “faster vouchers”.  This means that you no longer have to wait to access your points.  I love this because it means we can get the rewards much sooner.



Loving the Zeek app this week.  I’ve got a Quidco payout sitting in in my Zeek account waiting to spent.  I’ve been on the look out for really good value voucher so I can get the most for my money.  The Zeek app means that I can check this quickly from my phone and buy as soon as I spot them.  Not sure this one falls under the money making apps category but it does give you some excellent savings.  Have a read of a previous post to see how Zeek works and if you are still to sign up, then you can do so here.



I signed up to Swagbucks a long time ago but two kids, a job and a host of side hustles meant that this one was a bit neglected.  However, this week I have launched myself back into it.  This is mostly thanks to their app.  Swagbucks give you points for answering surveys, watching videos and playing games amongst other things.  These points can then be traded for gift cards (Amazon, M&S etc) or PayPal credit.  I’m yet to receive a payout but accumulating the Swagbucks (SB) is fairly easy.  And I’ll be cashing out the Amazon vouchers at the first opportunity to put towards the kids’ Christmas presents.  You can sign up here and start earning Swagbucks straight away.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen

We went for a rare meal out this week.  (Yes, I know that’s not very frugal of me!)  Whenever we go for a meal out I always try to get some money off or some thing for free.  On that day we fancied a burger so I loaded up my GBK app.  On that visit we had qualified for a free side.  Not much but it was enjoyed none the less.  We make sure to use apps like this on all restaurant visits possible.  They make a big difference in the long run.  Not technically making money but making milkshakes??



I love Quidco!  Hence I couldn’t let this go past without mentioning it.  I’m still waiting on a £30 payout from Quidco so I am checking the app every day.  I haven’t really needed to buy anything recently but with Christmas coming I’m sure that that cashback will start rolling in soon.  If you are still to sign up, you can follow my link and get an extra £10 cashback, or check out my guide to getting started.


If you are looking for more ideas, I recommend you check out this article from Grainne at WannaBeDebtFree.


What have you done?

You’ve heard from me but I’d love to take further inspiration from you.  Let me know what you’ve been up to.  Or, like me, you can link up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky.


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

Frugal Friday Five - Money Making Apps. This week I have a roundup of all my favourite money making apps. Earning money from your phone is a great way to boost your income and get debt free. #moneymaking #moneysaving #debtfree #budget

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Want More Money?  Then Talk About It!

Want More Money? Then Talk About It!

When it comes to money many of us are a closed book.  We either make vague statements, change the subject or suggest that things are actually better or worse than they are.  However, we are quite happy to show off our new TV, new car or new phone but won’t disclose the contents of our latest paycheck.  So why don’t we talk about money?


Society wants us to believe that wanting money is a bad thing.  If you want money you are greedy, selfish and obsessed.  Therefore, we naturally shy away from disclosing our financial successes for fear of people believing that it is all we care about.  Alternatively, we may worry that our own success stories may make others feel bad.  As though your success may diminish their successes or even emphasise their shortcomings.


Even worse is when we suffer a financial setback or make a mistake.  Failing to discuss this with someone or seek help can mean that we assume the burden ourselves.  Maybe we will never find a way to fix it.  You might get lucky and figure it out yourself.  What if you don’t?

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Is managing such an important part of our lives privately the best way to ensure that it goes well?  When drawing parallels with other areas of our lives such as health and fitness, you can see that many people make huge weight losses when they join Slimming World.  Or are more likely to attend a gym class if they go with a friend.  Support and discussion can make a significant difference when it comes to meeting our goals.  The same is true of our finances.


Humans are sociable creatures. We like to talk. But not about money! It is time to change that. Discuss your finances and watch your bank balance grow! #moneymaking #money #finance #lookingafteryourpennies

How would this work with money?

I am a believer in being honest about your money.  You don’t have to tell everybody but at least tell someone.  The best person to start with is your partner.  Make sure that you are aware of each other’s finances and discuss your financial goals.  Make short term plans.  Medium term plans. Long term plans.  And review them regularly.  My husband and I talk about money everyday.  We tell each other what we have coming in, what is going out, what we would like to spend it on, whether we need to adjust our savings goals and where we can cut costs.  Every day!


Once you are having that conversation with your partner, you can branch out and talk to a friend.  I have a couple of good friends who help motivate me with money.  We share our successes and failures regularly.  We know each others goals and we question our decisions.  External eyes on your finances can find new ways to save and make money.  It can be easy to overlook that TV subscription as a necessity but when someone who doesn’t have it looks at it, they will question your view on this.


Celebrate your successes

Sharing your financial wins with your friends means that there are more people to help you celebrate.  A few more people saying “well done” will help keep you motivated.  You’ll want to meet your next goal and these friends will help you get there.


And you’ll support them too.  They may reach their goals before you meet yours.  But don’t get jealous!  Learn from them!  When someone loses weight, the first question most people ask is “how did you do it?”  Do the same with money!  If they saved £500 last month, ask “how did you do it?”  They may have an excellent idea that will help you do the same.  Knowledge is power!


Talking about money outside of your “circle”

Personally I talk about money all the time.  But that is because I like it.  However, there is a lot to be gained from doing so.  I enjoy sharing tips and ideas on money making ventures or the best bank accounts or debt free strategies.  If people are listening then perhaps you are helping them.  Even if you just make them question whether there is a different way.  Or maybe they will share their own bit of advice and you’ll walk away with something else to try out.  If you aren’t talking about it then you’ll never know.


Humans are sociable creatures. We like to talk. But not about money! It is time to change that. Discuss your finances and watch your bank balance grow! #moneymaking #money #finance #lookingafteryourpennies

Managing money isn’t easy

Money isn’t taught in schools much.  As a high school maths teacher, I can say this fairly confidently.  But everybody has money at some point in our lives and we all get a choice about what to do with it.  As with all aspects of our lives, there are good and bad choices, but without information we cannot make an informed choice.  Talking about it is the answer.


Recommended reading:

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki

I Will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi


Make it your challenge to talk about money.  Buddy up with a friend and commit to being honest.  If that still sounds scary, talk to me!  I’ll talk right back at you about my finances too.


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent financial advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

Humans are sociable creatures. We like to talk. But not about money! It is time to change that. Discuss your finances and watch your bank balance grow! #moneymaking #money #finance #lookingafteryourpennies

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How To Get £100 Worth Of Sports Clothes For (Close To) Nothing

How To Get £100 Worth Of Sports Clothes For (Close To) Nothing

When one of our cars broke down a couple of months back, Mr Pennies and I decided to see how long we could last without it.  We had another car so we weren’t desperate for it, but getting to work and taking the kids out at the same time required a bit of creativity.  That’s when my husband dusted off his bike and started cycling.


Three months later and he is now cycling to work every day and loving it.  I however started to get a bit jealous of his improving fitness and more streamlined physique and decided it was time to stop the excuses and get outside.  I am now running three to five times a week.  We are like one of those super cute fitness freak couples.  Or not!


Our new lust for exercise is possibly not as cheap as we originally thought it would be.  My husband decided that his bike needed new tyres and that new pedals would make him more efficient.  I realised that cheap trainers just weren’t going to cut it if I wanted to run regularly, so we had to pay out for these things.  The super frugal person in me was not happy though!  She knew that I could do better than this and she was right.  I could!

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Extremely Frugal? Would you go THIS far?


Today a package arrived containing £100 worth of sports clothes and I paid 70p for all of it.  That’s it!  Less than a quid for 9 items of sports clothes delivered to my house.  Now this isn’t some crazy scam nor did I enter a competition nor was it a gift.  And yes they are all brand new!  You can do this too.  These are the steps to take:


  • Sign up for Quidco.

You can use this link here and you’ll get a £10 bonus if you do.  I have been using Quidco for years now and it is ingrained in me to go to Quidco before I purchase anything.  If you have not used Quidco before then you can see my “how to guide” here.


I had been accumulating cashback through Quidco and I had £80.26 in my account.  This took me a couple of months to generate by habitually ensuring that all purchases are done through this site.  I make most money by changing energy and insurance providers.  Get creative.  Utilise this website to the full.  You’ll soon see the cashback start building up.


Loving shopping does not have to mean spending money. Learn how I (and you can too) used cashback sites to get free fitness wear. #shopping #frugalliving #sport #debtfree #lookingafteryourpennies
  • Withdraw to Zeek

When you choose to withdraw your money from Quidco you have several options.  You can have the money sent straight to your bank account or PayPal.  But this is not the best value option.  If you choose to withdraw your money as voucher you can get various bonuses.  I choose to withdraw mine as Zeek vouchers.  This earns me an additional 15% bonus, which took my total withdrawal amount to £92.30.


If you haven’t heard of Zeek then let me explain.  Zeek is a platform for buying and selling gift cards.  They buy them off some people then selling them on at less than face value.  This means that you can get a £25 gift card for less than £25.  That’s a saving right there.


Sign up for Zeek here and get an extra £5 bonus!


  • Voucher code

Once I had withdrawn to Zeek I found the shop, through their website, that I wanted to buy from.  In this case I wanted to use Sports Direct.  One of the reasons for using this retailer is that their gift cards were offered at a good price with 4% off.  This mean that I was able to buy a £100 gift card for £96.  But I only had £92.30 and I didn’t want to pay nearly £4.


I did a quick Google search and saw that there was a voucher code to get £3 off any gift cards for sports shops.  I entered that into Zeek and voila!  My £100 gift card was now only going to cost me 70p.


Loving shopping does not have to mean spending money. Learn how I (and you can too) used cashback sites to get free fitness wear. #shopping #frugalliving #sport #debtfree #lookingafteryourpennies
  • SHOP

All that was left was to shop!  I chose a few bits for my husband as per his requests and several bits for me.  Everything I bought was reduced so you could claim that I saved even more money but I don’t subscribe to the “savings” that retailers offer.  (That’s another blog post there!) But all totalled up I “spent” £99.96 including delivery.  For 9 items of sports clothes!


Shopping doesn’t have to cost you money

I am a big fan of the guilt-free shop!  I really enjoy buying things and having new stuff that I love, but I hate spending my money.  Therefore I am always keen to find ways to make my money go further.  Quidco and Zeek are some of the best ways to do this.  So sign up to both now.


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent financial advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

Loving shopping does not have to mean spending money. Learn how I (and you can too) used cashback sites to get free fitness wear. #shopping #frugalliving #sport #debtfree #lookingafteryourpennies

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This Is Why You Are Poor

This Is Why You Are Poor

If you are one of those people that finds themselves forever without money, then this post might just be what you need to read.  In my experience there are several reasons why people fail to improve their financial circumstances and it is not about earning potential or getting a raise.  I have found myself in many of the situations below in the past so I can completely empathise.  Have a look!  Do any of these sound like you?  Are you fed up of being poor?


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10 things you can do to save money this month and every month


  1. You don’t understand money

This one might not entirely be your fault.  I’d say that the average person in the UK understands very little about money.  We know that we need it to buy stuff and that we can get it by working.  For the majority that is where it ends.


If that is all you know about money then it is going to be hard work for you to make more money.  You’ll be working for every penny.  Not only that but that hard-earned money will slip through your fingers and at the end of the month you’ll be wondering what that precious cash actually got you.


Finance education is so important.  Unfortunately it barely gets taught in schools.  Therefore you have got to do your own research.  Read books.  Visit blogs.  Go to websites.  Even enrol for an online course.  Future Learn has some great courses that can help you get ahead with your finances.  Take a look at my recommendations page for links to useful books and websites.


Money is such an important part of our lives.  In order to fully understand it we need to give it the attention it deserves.  Go and get educated.

  1. You spend money you don’t have

Debt!  Pretty much everyone I know has some sort of debt or used to.  If I go back a couple of generations though, debt was far less common.  My grandparents were a rarity in the fact that they bought their own property given their working class background.  By my parents’ generation having a mortgage was considered normal.  For my generation it seems that having debt for near enough everything is normal.  But it is not healthy.


Most people get in debt at one point in their lives.  Maybe when they were a student or maybe they had an emergency crop up or maybe they just gradually crept into their overdraft to pay for day to day life.  If you are one of these people then you are probably finding yourself in a cycle of paying off some debt and then something else happens and you are back in debt and then you pay it off etc.


You will find that this cycle continues until you do something proactive about it.  Get creative and aggressive about getting out of debt.  You need to break the cycle.

  1. You have no emergency fund

Life is full of those wonderful little moments where you go “Oh great.  Now this happens!”  We call these emergencies or unexpected events but are they really?


What about if you tried to plan for the things that might go wrong?  For example my washing machine is making a funny sound.  It’s a few years old and it gets a LOT of use.  Rather than waiting for that to die and then rolling my eyes and cursing, I’ve got the money for a new one waiting.  Obviously I’m not going to replace it until it is definitely broken beyond repair, but when that happens I know that we are ready.


You can do this for all manner of events.  What about if you find yourself out of work?  How would you pay the bills?  Having a good sized emergency fund means that you would have money aside to cover that eventuality.  I recommend 3-6 months of expenses.  Therefore if that happens you’ve got enough money to not instantly go into panic mode.


If you are looking to get out of debt then having a modest emergency fund is crucial.  Find £1000 from somewhere.  Pull extra shifts.  Sell some of stuff.  Get another job.  Get that money from somewhere.  If you try to pay off your debts without any emergency fund then the first time that something breaks you will be straight back into debt.  Please squirrel away an emergency fund now.

  1. You make no plans for the future

When I got my first job my mum told be to save half of what I earnt, because then it was last me twice as long.  Now that is cracking advice.  I’m not sure 16 year old me really understood the value of that statement at the time but I listened and it served me well.


It is so easy to think about what is happening now and prioritise those things.  But what about tomorrow?  There are thousands if not millions of people living in this country that get paid, spend the majority in the first one or two weeks immediately after and then live off next to nothing until they get paid again.  When you truly think about it that is a ridiculous way to live.


But it goes even further than that.  How about retirement?  People give this part of their live far too little attention.  For my generation normal retirement could be 30+ years.  I need to consider that a priority because I refuse to spend those years of my life  living in poverty.


In the more immediate future, there’s Christmas!  Christmas is the same day every year we have 364 days (sometimes 365) to prepare for it.  But so many people don’t.  Sitting down and deciding what you will need to spend on gift giving events and making a plan to but some money aside each month will take all the stress out of it in November.

No cash left at the end of the month? Fed up of feeling poor? But don't really know why you are in this situation. Here are 6 possible explanations! #budget #debtfree #poor #savings
  1. You don’t have a budget

You need a budget!  You need to know what you have coming in each month and what you you have going out.  You need to plan what you are going to do with anything that is leftover or you need to make plans to deal with any shortfall.


The best way to approach this is to account for every penny.  With this budget  you aim to have £0 leftover at the end of the month.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t save anything, actually it means the exact opposite.  It means budgeting for any savings right from day one.  You take all the money you are going to have for that month and decide what it is going to do.


Some people do a general budget and hope that that covers them for every month.  This is better than nothing but doing it every month will be better.  This way you can reflect on what you spent last month, making tweaks to this month.  You can increase your savings and investments if you overbudgeted and found you had some left.  You can react to any increases or decreases in income or expenditure that are specific to that month. Plus making time once a month to fully review your finances is one of the best investments you can make.

  1. You let your emotions control your money

“I’ve been working hard recently I deserve [insert normally expense thing here]!”  “I’ve had a tough month I deserve a treat!”  “Ooh! [Insert favourite retailer] have a sale on!”  If you use any of these phrases then you are letting your emotions control your money.


I’ve used all of these phrases.  Sometimes I still catch myself saying them and it is only through an awareness that I now stop myself (most of the time) from acting on them.  You need to learn when you are using money to meet an emotional need and actually deal with the emotion.  Buying more stuff is a quick fix.  You’ll soon regret the decision and then you’ll have an item you don’t want and less money.


Recognising that this you do this will help you become more aware of how make decisions about money.  If you catch yourself spending money and it is emotionally driven.  Then stop!  Wait 24 hours, a week or even a month and see if you still feel the same about making that purchase.


Which one are you?

Or maybe you are two or more.  Or even all of them.  Acknowledging the fact that you are struggling is the first step.  Figuring out why will help you move forward and towards finance peace of mind.


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent financial advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

No cash left at the end of the month? Fed up of feeling poor? But don't really know why you are in this situation. Here are 6 possible explanations! #budget #debtfree #poor #savings

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7+ Awesome Side Hustles for Teachers to help you Retire Early

7+ Awesome Side Hustles for Teachers to help you Retire Early

Teaching is a tough job.  We haven’t had a decent pay rise in ages, government cuts are draining resources and exam pressure is pushing us to the limit.  I know this because I teach.  I also know that I can’t teach until I’m 68, so I am constantly looking ways to use my teaching skills to generate additional income and retire early.


Many teachers I know are making money outside of the classroom.  There are very few teachers I know that teach and only teach which is surprising given the amount of time that the job actually takes up.

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10 things you can do to save money this month and every month

This is a list of all the side hustles I know that are great for teachers.

  • Face-to-face tutoring

This is an age old classic.  As a maths teacher this is one I find that I get almost headhunted for.  My own students have asked if I will tutor them (obviously say no to these ones).  But a lot of my colleges both past and present have done some tutoring work.


Tutoring pays a good rate.  Depending on the age/level of the child and your experience you can make an excellent hourly rate and it usually comes with repeat business.  I once did some tutoring for a family where I tutored their two children back to back and they provided an excellent array of snacks.  Great way to spend my Saturday morning while my husband was at work.


The downside to this type of tutoring is that you usually have to travel to them.  And it eats into your free time.  When you are working Monday to Friday (and your tutees are usually at school too) then the only time that you can fit in a session is either in the evenings and the weekends.  Not always ideal!


  • Online tutoring

This is a recent discovery for me.  Compared to face-to-face tutoring this is a dream.  Yes your take home pay might be less than tutoring face-to-face but so are your overheads.  No driving to someone else’s house.  No printing out worksheets because you can just send them over.  No real scope for doing fancy activities because, well, it is online.


There are lots of students about there that might require online tutoring for different reasons.  Perhaps they are travelling.  They might be home educated.  Or perhaps school refusers.  Or maybe finding a tutor in your subject area is hard so you might not live in the same county/country.  All of these reasons mean that you might get a bit more flexibility as to when you can tutor.  The holidays might be better for them.  Or first thing in the morning or late at night after you’ve put your kids to bed.  Or even the middle of the day.


All you need is a computer with a decent internet connection, a webcam, a microphone/headset and a subject/area of expertise that someone is willing to pay for.  I have had great success using the website  Sign up yourself and see if you get any interest.

  • Exam marking

Another classic.  As exam season comes round many of my colleagues start busying the,selves with exam marking.  This is where exam boards recruit you to do marking of SATs/GCSE/A-level papers amongst others.


Now this isn’t a way to make a consistent income, as in a certain amount each month.  But you can make good money at certain points in the year.  And there are probably more exams going on throughout the year than you think.


It is also a great way to to familiarise yourself with the examinations.  Those teachers that do exam marking have “behind-the-scenes” knowledge of what the examiners are looking for and they are able to implement this into their teaching.


Even though it can be quite time consuming, it does have the added advantage of flexibility.  Many teachers fit this in around their usual working day.  If you are a secondary school teacher you will find that exam marking coincides with exam classes leaving so you might have some gained time (if you are lucky).

Teachers retire early. Side hustles to help you achieve your financial goals.


  • Selling resources

I rarely make resources for my classes.  I tweak and modify old resources but I am almost never making a resource from scratch.  Maybe I am lucky in this sense because, as a subject, the maths curriculum does not endure many radical changes.  But it is also because there are hundreds of other teachers out their making resources too.


TES (The Times Educational Supplement) has had a section on their website for years where you can find resources.  More recently they have added the option to sell your resources.  This means that you can upload your resources and people will pay you to use them.  Teachers Pay Teachers is another site that offers a similar service.


Be warned however that people aren’t going to pay you for five quick starter questions that you’ve shoved on to a PowerPoint.  To make money you need a product that is worth selling.  But if you are putting lots of time and effort into these resources for your own students then who is saying that they won’t be good enough for some other teacher too?  Pinterest can help you here.  There are lots of great tips for creating saleable resources.


  • Teaching English online

DaDaABC is one website where you can work online teaching English to students in China.  They pay you by the hour and provide you with training and lesson plans.  You can earn £20 per hour doing this and typically it’s a 15 hours a week gig.  You can start straight away by applying on their website.


The hours can be a little restrictive as they mostly have lessons early afternoon.  (This is when it is the afternoon in Shanghai.)  But if you are part time or get a free afternoon then it is something you could consider.


Multiple incomes streams for Teachers | Reach financial Independence
  • Being a host family

There are many companies around the UK that offer study camps for students who want to improve their English.  Therefore if you have a spare room in your house this could be the side hustle for you.


Being a host family requires you to have a young person, whose first language is not English, stay with you for a period of time.  You will get paid for this and I have seen hosting jobs pay between £100-£150 per week per student.  You normally have to provide meals and packed lunches and some entertainment at weekends.  It may be more suitable if you have similarly aged children already so you can just slot them into your family for a bit.


Naturally you will have to complete an application process and the necessary checks, which makes this a home from home for teachers.  The added bonus is that you and your family might learn a bit of a new language and make some friends from other countries.  It’s not all one sided.


  • Holiday activity leader

Companies like those looking for host families are also looking for activity leaders to work during the holidays.  Therefore if you’re inclined to get a bit bored over the breaks (I’m funny, right?) then this could be for you.  You can work with a different team of people on things that you wouldn’t normally work on.


And there are lots of places that offer these kind of services too from museums to universities.  Therefore start asking around and keeping your eyes peeled for any word of these sorts of jobs.  Anything you learn or any connections you make can be taken back into the classroom to support your main teaching practice.  Double winner!


  • Turn your hobby into money

Maybe you don’t want to spend your free time doing something teacher-y.  Why not turn your hobby into money?  If you like arts and crafts you could try opening an Etsy shop to sell your wares?  Or make video tutorials on Youtube?


If you are a musician you could offer lessons (OK, this one is still a bit teacher-y).  Or perhaps you have a degree in a non-education field that means you have lots of knowledge about something that you haven’t used in a while.  Could you use those skills in some way?  Start an online business perhaps?


There’s a side hustle for everyone

We should all be striving for multiple income streams.  Over reliance of any one of them means that we put ourselves at risk.  As teachers there are many ways that we can use our knowledge and skills to make money.  We are creative and assertive by nature so it’s time we used that to help ourselves.  All that additional money can be invested and added to the retirement fund.  Bigger the fund; closer you get to being able to retire early.


How have you turned your skills in a money-making side hustle?


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent financial advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Quidco to Save Money NOW

The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Quidco to Save Money NOW

If you’re not already using Quidco, you should be!


This beginners’ guide will show you how to use Quidco and make money. There’s not one person reading this who couldn’t make a few pound from it so read on.


  1. What is this Quidco?

Quidco is a cashback website. The places you are buying from pay Quidco to encourage you to spend your money with them rather than their competitors. Quidco take this money and pass (at least of some of) it on to you.

  1. What does this actually mean for me?

You can get some money back for the shopping you do, both online and in store. Essentially this is a bit of your money back in your pocket.

  1. How do I sign up?

Follow this link.  (Signing up through this link will give you an extra £10 cashback!) Create an account.  You will need to enter a few details including bank details. Don’t worry about this. They are NOT going to take money from you. They are going to give you the money.

  1. Free account or premium account?

Technically you have to pay for neither. The premium account will take your first £5 of cashback a year but in return you get your money a bit quicker so I think it’s worth it. If your nervous though go for the free one and you can always upgrade later.

  1. How do I start making money?

Using the search feature on Quidco.

Next time you want to buy something online, GO TO QUIDCO FIRST. Search for the retailer you were going buy from. For example, let’s say you are about to buy a new laptop from Currys PC World. Type that in. They’ll pop up and show you what sort of percentage you can expect to get back. There will also be a link saying “Get Cashback.” Click that link and it will take you to the Currys PC World website and you finish your purchase like normal. At some point in the next couple of days you’ll have some tracked cashback showing on your Quidco account.

The “Get Cashback” button under the retailer screen on Quidco.

  1. When do I get the money though?

Now that varies depending on what you are buying and who you are buying it from. Most retailers will “track” your cashback fairly quickly (usually within 72 hours). However actually getting the money takes a bit longer.

I’ve had cashback confirmed (ready for me to withdraw) in anything from 1 day to 7 months, so don’t go getting excited straight away. But by the time it shows up I’ve usually forgotten about it so it makes a pleasant surprise.

A word of caution!

Getting cashback is NOT guaranteed! Quidco do their best but state that receiving cashback through them is not a certainty. Therefore it is prudent not to make decision based on the cashback you might received.

Do your research to find the item/service you want at the best price FIRST, then go to Quidco to see if you can make further savings.

Well that’s it really! If you check Quidco every time you shop you’ll quick be putting those pennies back in your pocket.

So go sign up here. (To make sure you get that extra £10!!)

And if you are ready to take Quidco-ing to the next level, check out my upcoming post on Advanced Quidco.

How much cashback have you made?


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent financial advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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How I made £900+ in less than 11 weeks (and not from blogging)

How I made £900+ in less than 11 weeks (and not from blogging)

Who doesn’t love a bit of extra money?  I am all about multiple streams of income these days.  I started 2018 determined to fully get to grips with my family’s financial situation and I think I made a good start.  Without leaving my house (mostly) I have managed to make an extra £900 in the last 11 weeks and this is how.


Online Tutoring – £691.88

As a maths teacher I have a service to sell.  People like their kids to be good at maths therefore they are happy to pay people like me to help them.  I started the year by advertising my services on TutorHub and very quickly got interest from two families.  I am now tutoring these students multiple times a week after I have put my own kids to bed.


Now I know you are going to say “well that’s all great, but I’m not a maths teacher!”  I hear you and say you don’t have to be. People want tutors for all sorts of things and there are plenty of platforms out there to offer those services. Everything from supporting someone with their master degree to photography, art or playing the guitar has the potential to make you money.  And honestly it’s a cracking gig! I get to sit in my pyjama bottoms (I’m all business from the waist up), sip tea and impart wisdom! Oh and I make some extra money!

Face-to-face tutoring – £45

Much like above but you normally have to do some travelling to get there which eats into your cash.  Or, like me, you can convince them to come to you and look after your kids whilst you do it. Obviously I offered a discount, I’m not completely cheeky.


Website testing – £28.41

Ok so I made $40 but at the time of writing that converts to £28.41.  After doing a bit of research I found Basically this site is used by companies to get feedback on their websites and they pay you for that feedback.  Most of the tests last about 10-15 minutes and you get $10 a time. Even better is that the money shows up automatically in your PayPal account exactly a week later. I’ve done four of these so far and they’ve all been rather fun.  I sit on my computer and chat about what I can see and what I am doing and try to complete the tasks they’ve given me. Annoyingly you get sent a lot of tests to do but I found that I rarely qualified for them. This put me off a bit, but I still check every now and then because £28 is not to be sniffed at.

Selling stuff – £76.80

This is a classic tip that you see on blogs time and time again but there’s a reason for that.  It’s a good’un. Not only does it make you money but recycling and reusing your products is a great thing to do.  About a year ago I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. And it is not a lie, it is life-changing but that’s another blog post.  Since then I regularly get these urges to sell my stuff. I sit in my living room and go “what can I flog in ‘ere?” If I can’t find anything I go to the kitchen and start opening cupboards.  Most of the money I made here was from selling stuff my kids no longer need. It brings me much joy to know that that stuff will be used by another family and I can have the money to buy the things my kids need now.


How I utilised side hustles to generate multiple income streams whilst working from home.

Quidco – £4.66

Not a huge pay out from Quidco (follow this link to sign up and get an extra £10 cashback) so far this year.  I’m waiting for some big ones to pay out soon. But I’ve got over £150 of tracked Quidco waiting for me and I add more to it ever couple of weeks.  If you’ve not yet got started with Quidco, check out my beginners’ guide here.


Voucher from Sky – £50

My internet and phone bill was due for switching and saving, so I did my research and decided to go for Sky.  They were offering a good service at a low price AND I got a £50 voucher. Now I’d have been sold before the voucher so I was more than happy to accept.  Plus I did it through Quidco so should be getting some cashback too. Cheers Sky! Look out for my future post on how to save money each month by switching and saving.


Job spotter – £20.44

This is the one I had to leave my house for, but I hardly went out of my way to earn it.  The Job Spotter app is run by the employment agency Indeed. They basically pay you money for taking photos of job adverts in shop windows.  Therefore I earned this money (well Amazon vouchers) by shopping with my phone out. Easy!


Amazon voucher from Aviva – £10

This was more my husband’s than mine really but I ended up organising it so it is my victory.  We got a letter in the post saying that if my husband switched to online mailing for his life insurance then we would get a £10 voucher.  I didn’t need telling twice! After he said he wasn’t going to do I did it for him and a week later the voucher arrived. I love things like this.  Money for next to no effort. Keep your eyes peeled for things like this as it can be easy to discard such things as spam when actually it is legitimate.  


TOTAL – £902.19


There you go!  Now this doesn’t include the money I’ve made from a couple of other things, which I am only just getting started with.  I’ll write about those another day. AND it doesn’t include any savings I’ve made. Again that is for different post.  But it does go to show you how a little creativity can go a long way. So dig deep and have a think!


What can you do over the next three months to make some extra money?

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent financial advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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