Reusable Hot Drinks Cups: The WAKEcup [AD-Gifted]

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A couple of months back my faithful and beautiful Oxford Eves infuser cup developed a crack in the lid.  It had been well used but it was still a sad moment.


However, rather than wallow in the self-pity, I decided I would use it as an opportunity to try out and review some new cups.


Therefore, I present to you the first of my reviews on the WAKEcup reusable hot drinks cup.


[Note:  This product was gifted to me.  This is an honest review.]


How is the WAKEcup as a cup?

This cup is stunning.  With a bamboo and metal exterior and metal interior, it is just a joy to look at.  I have taken it to work a few times and it gets lots of comments.


One of the claims on the outside of the box is that you get no plastic aftertaste.  I was sceptical about this as the lid is made from plastic, but they are correct.  Your tea/coffee taste exactly as you want them too in this cup.


How long will it keep drinks warm?

I am a chronic abandoner of tea!  Frequently, I will make my self a tea and then walk away only to return an hour or two later ready to get angry at myself for once again doing this.


Hence, I need a cup that will keep my tea warm for a good amount of time.  With this reusable coffee cup from WAKEcup, I have found that it will keep my drink at a good temperature for up to three or four hours.


What makes WAKEcup different?

WAKEcup are big on encouraging their customers to live a zero-waste life and work with them on marine conservation.


They aim to use recycled and sustainable products wherever possible, use plastic free packaging and donate 10% of their profits to The Marine Conservation Society.


On top of this, their range of products is truly stunning with a choice of tea infusers, water bottle, bamboo straws and backpacks.  There is a product there to suit your needs and if you can’t choose then they do bundles!


How about the packaging?

Personally, I found the packaging a little disappointing.  Yes, it is plastic free and recyclable but when compared with the quality of the product inside I think it could look higher end.  Because what you find inside is a real delight.


Any criticisms?

Not really!  I have found that the metal rim around the top of the cup can get hot.  This particularly happens when you first fill the cup.  However, this is not a problem if you hold in around the bamboo section.


How much does a WAKEcup reusable coffee cup cost?

£19.  BUT if you use this link, you can get an extra 10% off that price.


For the quality of the product, you receive this is a good price.  When it comes to this sort of purchase, I believe that it can be worth spending the extra to buy something that you truly want to use and supports your values.


Buying something you don’t love can lead to you discarding it later, and this goes completely against my ethos and the ethos of WAKEcup.


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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