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Introducing The Looking After Your Pennies Shop

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Some of the links in this post might be affiliate links.  This means that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small amount of money at no additional cost to you.

I’ve only gone and done it!  I’ve launched a line of printables and a budgeting spreadsheet and you can get your hands on them now.


For me, keeping track of my money is essential to the smooth running of my life.  If I don’t know where my money is going or where it has come from then I feel lost.


I spent a lot of my life scribbling out a budget on a scrap of paper or “doing my sums” in the steam on the shower screen.  But as my understanding of budgeting improved, I wanted more and more from a budget.


That’s when I upgraded myself to a spreadsheet.  I made a basic sheet and recorded all my incomings and outgoings each month.  It made everything much easier to follow.  This is why I am bringing this range of products to you.


What can you get?

For now, I am launching two main products: a range of printable products and a budgeting spreadsheet.


There are three options available here:

 Meal planning kit

With food being the expenses that I struggle with most to keep in budget, it was important that I included this kit in the first wave of products launched.


I have always found that meal planning is best done on paper too.  I like to be able to physically tick things off and carry a shopping list with me when I go to the shops.


This kit includes: weekly meal planners, four-weekly meal planner, food inventories, shopping lists and recipe cards.


Budgeting kit

I LOVE this kit!  It is like all my years of scraps of paper have come together to make the ultimate kit for keeping track of your money using paper and pen.


There is something beautiful and simple about managing your money on paper.  I personally find that I am more likely to look back at it and review it more frequently.


This kit includes: budgeting sheet, direct debit tracker, bills tracker, income tracker, expenses tracker, account tracker and nine cash envelopes to help you better control your money.


Complete printables kit

This kit is a combi deal that includes all the products from the other two but at a discounted price.  You are welcome!


Budgeting Spreadsheet

If you are not a fan of using pen and paper, or you prefer a eco-friendlier alternative, then I have also produced a spreadsheet to manage your money.


This is the exact spreadsheet that I use to set my budget each month and manage my finances.  Therefore, I say with confidence, that this is a fantastic tool on your path to gaining control of your budget.


Without being overcomplicated, this spreadsheet does it all.  You can record all your incomings from wages, benefits, investments and side hustles.  As well as recording all your fixed expenses and setting target amounts for your variable expenses.


I have also put in some goal percentages that would be ideal for each category.  For example, it is considered sensible to spend no more that 35% of your income on housing.  The spreadsheet will calculate your percentage based on your income.  This will help you make tweaks as you go.


In addition, there is space to record the value of your savings and investments, as well as any debts.  This will then be compiled into your net worth tracker.


Why do you need them?

Money makes the world go round, as they say.  If you are not sure what is going on with yours, then it is hard to know whether you are coming or going.


These products will help you gain control over your financial life and act as a focus for conversations around money.  You’ll be armed with the tools you need to get yourself some targets and go out there and smash them.


Why did I make them?

Well, I made them for me!  I wanted somewhere to record our meal plans for the week (that wasn’t on the back of a receipt or cereal packet).  I wanted to be able to see clearly where my money was going and where I needed to make changes.


One day I realised that if these products were helping me then maybe they could help you too.  Hence, I’ve made them a bit prettier and made them super easy to use.


I genuinely hope that you will find them as helpful as they have been for me and would love to hear any feedback that you have about tweaks or future products you’d like to see.


Where can I buy them?

Each of the items above can be purchased by clicking on the Shop button in the menu.  You can enjoy them straightaway.  If you’d rather, you can purchase them on Etsy.

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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