Eco Friendly Gifts for Kids [AD – Gifted]

December 8, 2018
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[AD -Gifted]  Choosing gifts for people can be hard enough.  But if you are trying to reduce your impact on the planet, or buying for someone who wants to, what do you buy?  Kids can be particularly difficult in this respect.  Most of them come with a list and it is normally the latest plastic filled craze.  But they are plenty of eco-friendly gifts for kids.


The best bit is that children are the best people to buy eco-friendly gifts for.  They instinctively love animals and nature.  By encouraging them to make environmentally conscious decisions when they are younger, they stand to grow into adults who will fight for it, vote for it and make a difference in the future.


With this in mind here are some of my favourite and recommended brands and products for the Earth-conscious little ones in your lives.  Enjoy!

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eco friendly gifts for kids

Eco friendly fun for kids: Gelli baff

Bath time is one of my favourite times of day.  My kids get the last of their energy out during their bath times and they can be so funny.


In the past I have done all sorts of fun bath time activities.  We’ve had disco baths with flashing ice cubes, bath bombs,  and even a seaweed bath with green spaghetti!


Therefore, I was very excited when given the opportunity to try out some products from Zimpli Kids.  Their products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly and safe on the skin.  They also tick my own personal box of “enjoyable experience” rather than just further cluttering up my home.


They have a large range of products; some for in the bath and some out of it.  We have tried Gelli Baff, Slime Baff and Crackle Baff.


The winner with my kids was Crackle Baff.  They loved the sound in made fizzing and popping in the bath.  My eldest thought it sounded like she was cooking.


Personally I loved the slime!  It was such a good consistency and so fun to play with.  It really looks like slime and we had fun running our fingers through it and making “ugh!” sounds.  And at the end, we were able to just wash it down the plug.  All whilst knowing that it was perfectly safe to do so!


Eco friendly water bottles for kids: Kleen Kanteen

Our children are growing up in a world that is thankfully waking up to horror that is single use plastics.  Many people are being encouraged to take small steps to support this and a reusable water bottle is normally one of the easiest changes to make.


Most children are used to having a water bottle.  They either need it for school or nursery or just for days out.  Most parents would probably agree that they take a drink with them for their child nearly all the time.


So why not purchase them a metal water bottle?  These are built to last (I know because I’ve drop mine loads) and avoid the contributing the plastic problem.


Every member of my family has one.  And the best bit is that we have customised them.  Our children have their names on theirs.  The husband has a Dungeons and Dragons sticker on his.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted so left mine plain.


Eco friendly toys for kids: Grimms

This FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified company produce the most beautiful wooden toys.  Although they are on the more expensive side, they produce durable, well-rounded toys that will be played with for years.  And they have a great set of values.


I’ve written before about my beliefs that a few toys is better than many.  And I fulfil this philosophy by choosing the toys that come into my house carefully.  Wooden toys normally make it to the top of the list.


Our house is not a plastic free zone.  I personally believe that there is a time and place for plastic.  But I find plastic toys do not sit easy with me.  They seem only a small step up from single-use plastics as so few of them are sold on or reused or repurposed.


Grimm’s toy therefore are a great solution for those looking for an eco-friendly, open-ended toy without losing any of the vibrancy and fun.  Their colours are bright and their range of toys is vast.


We have a few items including their classic Grimm’s rainbow and a flower stacker.  We also use their celebration ring to help mark the passing of the seasons and to signify special events.


Have a look at what they offer and I am convinced that you will be able to find a toy suitable for any child.


Eco-friendly cutlery for kids: The Other Straw

Every minute, the equivalent of one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into our oceans.  We have the power to change this. By encouraging simple sustainable swaps with kids, together, we can have a positive impact on the greater world around us.
Disposable plastic cutlery has a significant impact on our environment. Thankfully, there are many alternatives available and they make a great eco-friendly gift for kids. Reusable bamboo cutlery are 100% natural, and crafted from whole bamboo stalks. Grown without the use of any pesticides or nasties, they are the natural alternative to single-use plastic cutlery.
The Other Straw sells bamboo cutlery sets. 50% of their profits are donated to ocean clean-ups and they send out all their orders carbon-neutral and plastic-free. Grab a set of bamboo cutlery for an upcoming birthday, Easter or Christmas present.


Eco friendly clothes for kids: Muddy Puddles

There is no greater way to inspire a love of nature in your children than to get them outside.  Exploring and falling in love the great outdoors is how children grow into adults that want to protect it.


For this reason you have got to have the right clothing to take children outside all year round.  Therefore, the Muddy Puddles All-In-One suit is the perfect gift for young explorers.


These suits go over the top of their other clothes whether that is shorts and t-shirts or multiple warm layers.  They will then keep the rain and other water out.


My eldest has had one of these for two years and we are about to buy her a new one.  She has jumped in thick muddy puddles in it, sat in rivers and played for hours in the snow and stayed completely dry underneath.


They make their products out of recycled plastic and intend for them to be handed down.  I will certainly be handing down ours as even after A LOT of wear it looks as good as new.


Buying eco-friendly gifts for kids is a double win.  You feel good about the gifts you’ve bought and you might inspire the next generation to do the same.


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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