8 Great Eco-friendly Products You Can Buy On Etsy To Support Small Businesses [AD]

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[AD] In these hard financial times, many small business and self-employed sellers are struggling.  Etsy is a hub of creativity and made almost entirely of independent sellers.


That’s why Etsy recently launched its #StandWithSmall to encourage buyers (or at least those of us still able to earn money) to buy from the little guys.


Therefore, I have trawled through Etsy to find some of my favourite eco-friendly products that will help you live a more environmentally conscious life and support Etsy’s sellers.


Natural soap

In the supermarkets, it is still difficult to get your hands on a bar of soap.  But on Esty, there are so many fantastic natural soap options.


These soaps are just as effective at fighting off the bad germs and come with the added benefits of being natural.


Shampoo bar

It is time to ditch the bottled shampoo and make a brilliant zero waste switch to shampoo bars.  It can take a while for your hair to adjust to these bars, so is there any better time than when you are stuck indoors?


There are natural versions of these to be found on Etsy and you can even get conditioner bars too.  Lather them up in your hairs and rub them through your hair.  Easy.

Natural deodorant

I’ve been using natural deodorant for about 5 years now and I love it.  They last ages and are so much better for your health.


You can choose from roll-ons, sticks or even a cream that you rub on so there are options for everyone.


Menstrual pads

I’ve had a stash of these for a while and they are awesome.  Such an upgrade from disposables and Etsy is the perfect place to buy them


If you are going to bleed once a month, then bleed on soft fabrics in designs that will make you smile.  Browse through Etsy until you find some you like.


Period Pants

Period pants are simply the easiest way to manage your period.  Knickers with a built-in absorbent layer.  What a great idea!


They also act as a good back-up for people like me who like to use a menstrual cup.  Comfy pants with a function and so many great examples on the Etsy website.


Produce bags

I can’t be the only person freaking out at picking up loose fruit and vegetables in the shops now.  The thought of touching the plastic produce bags terrifies me.


Reusable produce bags are the answer.  Take them with you and avoid all that extra touching of stuff and make a zero-waste switch.

Unpaper towels

Have you ever stopped and thought about kitchen roll?  You buy it, use it for about 2 seconds and then throw it away.  Very wasteful.


There is a reusable option in the form of unpaper towels.  This fantastic product can be washed and used over and over and there are some beautiful designs available.


Nappy covers

If you are a cloth nappy family like us, then chances are you’ve got a mild addiction to buying new nappies.


Etsy is the perfect place to shop if you want unique designs.  With so many patterns to pick from you are bound to find one print that will make you smile at the tenth nappy change of the day.


What can you do to #StandWithSmall?

Small businesses everywhere are suffering.  If you have the money, then these business owners would love your support right now.  Plus, there’s never been a better time to make some eco-friendly switches.

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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