Do More With Your Christmas Money

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Some of the links in this post might be affiliate links.  This means that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small amount of money at no additional cost to you.

If recent years are anything to go by then the Boxing Day sales have already started.  Your inbox is probably full of temptation and your social media is likely the same.


After a month or two of Christmas related stress, you are only few hours away from the feeling of sleepy over-consumption and possibly mild tipsiness.  It is normally at this point that I load up my laptop and think about what to spend my money on.


To help you avoid falling for those ads that tell you what you should or shouldn’t buy, I’ve got a few ideas to help you get more for your money.


Do You Really Need It?

I’d be a pretty terrible money blogger if I didn’t urge you to reflect on your financial situation first.  If Christmas caused you to overspend on your credit card, then perhaps the best (and ultimately more rewarding thing) could be to use the money towards that.


If you are all good on that front, then consider if there is really anything that you need or want at this moment.  Sticking your money in savings until there’s something you want is a great solution.  You’ll be glad that you kept the money then.


Choose Experiences Instead

Long-time readers of this blog will know that I’m not a big fan of stuff and clutter.  I like space and clear surfaces.  On top of that, buying stuff is bad for the environment.


A better choice for your money could be to buy experiences with your money.  We’ve done that for the kids this year and we’ve had some great days out as a result.


Take a look at Get Your Guide to find some exciting trips in your area.  Or buying yourself a cinema or restaurant voucher and enjoy a night out.


Consider a subscription

Want to get something that you’ll enjoy all year?  Think about buying yourself a subscription service instead.


Everything is a subscription service these days, so if there is something you love you’ll be able to find a subscription for it.


My favourites are Kindle Unlimited and Audible (there’s a month’s free trial on each of these) because I get through a lot of books.  Subscriptions to these would save me a lot of money and bring me a lot of joy throughout the year too.


If TV is more your thing then go for Netflix, Amazon Prime or one of the many others.  Or there are subscription boxes for pretty much anything else.


Get Your Cashback

If you are doing any sort of shopping online then you need to be making sure that you are getting your cashback.


Quidco is my favourite and their new toolbar plugin makes it super easy to see which sites are offering cashback.


Other cashback sites include Top Cashback and My Money PocketClick Here.  Both will give you bonus cashback for signing up too.


Consider Donating It

Not all of it, unless you want to.  But Christmas can be a hard time for some and any donations would be greatly appreciated at this time of year.


Then you can go merrily about your day spending the rest.  But with a feeling of having done some good too.


Whatever You Do, Just Don’t Regret It

However, you choose to spend that money, just be sure that you are happy with your decision.  And remember if you do end up with an impulse purchase you can always try returning it or selling it on.

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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6 thoughts on “Do More With Your Christmas Money”

  1. I feel material gifts arent really Christmas, we should all do something that gives back. Spending time or donating (time or money). Thats Christmas.

  2. Great advice, whatever you do, just don’t regret it. I set a budget each year in total, and break it down by person. If I find the perfect gift but its over the amount, I don’t mind as long as I know they will love it and its within reason of my pocket book. But I also don’t want to under spend on a dumb useless gift just for the sake of pinching pennies!

  3. Adventure Aficionado

    These are some good things to think about before spending money. I especially agree with choosing experiences over other things! The experiences will last for a lifetime and, for me, they bring so much more joy than most material things can bring, and I definitely look for them first if I am able to!

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