Get More Cashback With Quidco Cashback Reminder [AD]

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[AD]  We all know how much I love Quidco.  Way back when I started this blog, I wrote a post called the Beginner’s Guide to Quidco and more recently How to Boost Your Quidco Cashback.


But Quidco keeps coming up with ways to impress me.  Their latest release is pure brilliance and will save you a lot of time, effort and money.


Let me introduce to you:  Quidco Cashback Reminder!  It is a Chrome extension that will make earning cashback on Quidco much easier.


Installing the Extension

First up, follow this link.  It will take you straight to the Chrome webstore.  Here you click the button, shown in the image below that says “Add to Chrome”.

quidco cashback reminder chrome extension install screen

Chrome will then install this extension and you will find a little Quidco symbol next to your search bar.  This is where the magic happens.


Quick Searching

So, what does this cheeky little button do?  Well, lots of stuff, but let us talk about what happens when you click on it.


By clicking on the symbol, you will be presented with a search bar.  This looks like the one you can find when you go through to the main Quidco website.

quidco cashback reminder dropdown


From here, you can search for stores to see if your favourite is on their list and what sort cashback they are offering.  It saves you from going directly to the website to check a store.


Quidco Cashback Reminder in Google Search

As nice as that little search feature is, it’s not really that different from our previous experiences of Quidco.  That is why this extension also works within your usual Google searching.


For example, let’s say you want to buy yourself a Go Pro.  My normal system is to do a quick search on Google to see what comes up.


With this new extension installed, you will see a new addition to your Google searches.  A message from Quidco will appear above the retailers telling you the cashback and number of offers available.

quidco cashback reminder google search

You can make a decision about which retailers to visit based on the amount of cashback you can receive, directly from your Google search.  Brilliant, I say!


Activating Cashback

Now, the absolute best bit about the extension is the Cashback Reminder itself.  Back in the olden days (a couple of weeks ago), I would shop around online for what I wanted THEN head to Quidco to see if they offered cashback for that retailer.


With this new extension, you don’t have to do that.  If you land on a website where cashback is available then the extension will tell you in the form of a little pop-up.

quidco cashback reminder activate cashback popup

To activate the cashback, you just need to press the button.  That’s it!  No to-ing and fro-ing from shopping websites to Quidco to make sure you get your cashback.  Just click that button.


Install Quidco’s Cashback Reminder now

Seriously, why wouldn’t you?  Think of all that lovely cashback you can get without even trying.  And if you haven’t signed up to Quidco yet, now is the perfect time.

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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