Why You Should Start A Blog

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My blogging journey started in 2018.  As we are approaching the one year anniversary of Looking After Your Pennies.  I thought I would share you with some reasons why I think you should start a blog too.


I spent most of 2017 telling anyone that would listen about how I wanted to start a personal finance blog.  One day I think my husband just told me to get on and do it if I thought it was such a good idea.  I did and it was.


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Your reason for starting doesn’t need to be because your spouse got tired of your chit chat.  Here are five good reasons to get to it today:


  1. A feeling of accomplishment

Owning your own slice of the internet is something quite special.  All of us use the internet everyday for all sorts of reasons, but not everyone owns a bit of it.  That feels pretty good.


Designing, creating and nurturing your blog to become what you want it to be will bring you a great sense of pride as you watch it grow.  Every time you upload a new post, add a new image or share it on social media it will become better than it was before.


As it grows, you will see your friends and family start to read and share it, then other bloggers and then random people that are genuinely moved by what you have written.  It is such a great feeling.


  1. An outlet of creativity

Many bloggers will encourage you to find a niche.  An area or topic around which your articles will be focused.  You may find this an easy task when it comes to deciding or you may struggle.  Whatever you land on make sure that it allows you some creative freedom.


Content creation is an underrated art form.  The best writers with beautiful sites will make you want to revisit their page time after time.  They do this because they allow themselves to show their creativity and passion.


This is one of the joys of blogging.  You can write in a style that suits you about some of your favourite topics.  If you think that you are “different” from other bloggers then don’t worry that will make you stand out.


  1. A lot to learn

If you want to learn about social media marketing then try blogging.  If you want to understand how Google finds articles then try blogging.  If you want to discover how to design you own graphics then try blogging.


It is oversimplified to think that blogging is just sitting down at your computer and writing down your thoughts and feelings.  Of course, it can be that if you want, but it can also be much more.


There are multiple elements when it comes to blogging success.  You might find that you are naturally better at some than at others.  You might have to work hard to get your head around a particular bit.


However your blogging journey goes, you will learn something.  And not just a few things but a lot.  And the great thing is that there will always be more to learn if you want to.


  1. A new world of friends

The blogging community is simply fantastic.  It is practically impossible to start a blog and find yourself isolated.  Bloggers want to help you out.  They want to read your material.  They want to share it on their social media.  They want you to succeed.


You will soon find friends with similar interests.  If you are blogging passionately about a topic, you will attract people to you that are equally passionate.  They will want to discuss your ideas.  You can easily find yourself having animated conversations about your favourite pastime with someone you’ve never met before.


And there are events for bloggers too.  There are meetups and conferences where you can go and meet your new friends and your blogging heroes in person.  You’ll find that you are soon chatting to them over a coffee like you are old friends.


  1. An opportunity to make money

I wouldn’t be true to my own blog if I didn’t include this one.  But blogging has the potential to make you money.  That’s the dream!  Talking about your favourite things and earning money from it.  Blogging provides you with that chance.


When starting out, it can feel as though only the big, superstar bloggers stand any chance of making money from blogging.  But that is not true.  There is good money out there for blogs of all size.


There are a few ways to make money from your blog: advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsorship and more.  I’ll go into more detail about this another day.  Just know that there will be a way for you to make money from it if that is what you want to do.


Monetising does not have to be your goal though.  You may start out aiming to just share your knowledge and experiences with the world.  That is fine.  But the money will be there if you change your mind in the future.


  1. A space for your story

It does not matter what you decide to write about.  Your blog is your space to write about it.  There are no rules on your blog.  If you normally write about food and recipes and one day decide you want to share your experiences with chronic illness then you can.


Your blog will evolve with you.  It will become what you want and need it to be at your time life.  Next year it might look very different from how it does now.  But that is not wrong.  It is the beauty of the blog!


What is even better is that if you want to separate these parts of your life, you can always start a new blog!  There is plenty of room on the internet for all your great ideas.  There’s a space for every story.


What’s your excuse?

I could think of a thousand reasons to delay starting my blog this time last year.  But nearly one year on they all seem so silly.  Blogging was one of the highlights of 2018 and I’m looking forward to continuing with it for many years to come.


Start yours now!  Here’s a link to my hosting provider to get you started.


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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