Why Autumn Is The Perfect Time To Save

August 13, 2018
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Although now it may feel as though we are still deep in the throes of summer (as teacher I am acutely aware of this), autumn is not too far away.  This may seem like a negative but autumn is a magical time of year and it also presents the perfect opportunity to save some money.  Take a look at my ways to save money in autumn:


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  1. Long walks

Spend your time enjoying the changing seasons.  Autumn is a great time to watch the changes in the trees and plants.  It is also a good time of year to catch the sunrise and sunset as the two draw closer together, meaning that you don’t have to get up early or stay up late to witness them.  Walking is free and good for you, so do a lot of it!


  1. School’s open

With the end of summer comes a return to school, nursery and work.  Although the summer is amazing, it can get costly with lots of days out and desperate attempts to make the most of the weather.  Once school starts again, routine returns and the children are entertained by education Monday to Friday.  Plus the autumn term is the longest meaning that there is plenty of time to get your head down and make some savings.


  1. Exercise outside

With cooler temperatures and still a reasonable amount of daylight hours it is a great time of year to save money on gym membership and exercise outdoors.  Whether it involves dusting off your bike, lacing up your running shoes or heading to the beach for sunrise yoga session, the autumn is perfect for it.


  1. Layering up works

With temperatures dropping you might be starting to worry about the need to turn your heating on but you are not there yet.  Autumn normally is not quite cold enough to fire up your boiler so you can get away with layering up instead.  Use it as the perfect opportunity to sort through your winter clothes and get some final wear out of your summer ones before you pack them away.


  1. Cook soup

With the last of the summer vegetables needing to be used up and the root veg being harvested, autumn is the perfect time to reintroduce soup into your meal planning.  Soup is great because you can make large quantities in various flavours for very little money.  Last year I ate a different soup nearly everyday and saved a fortune and loved it.  Plus it is another great way to keep yourself warm when it starts turning a bit chilly.


  1. Slow cooker time

I always shun my slow cooker in the summer because (probably wrongly) I associate it with casseroles and stews.  But I love getting it back out in the autumn for some batch cooking.  Batch cooking is a great money saver!  You buy larger quantities of stuff making a saving when you purchase it and you stock your freezer full of goodies.  This means on those lazy days, you have a choice of wholesome foods to choose from.  Nothing is better than coming home from a long day at work or playing outside to delicious smells rising from the slow cooker.


  1. Socialise outdoors

We have a small fire pit that we enjoy using in the company of good friends.  It serves as an excellent way to spend an autumnal evening.  Sitting in the garden, with a fire, a cup of mulled wine/hot chocolate and a few blankets is cheap and oh so perfect!


  1. Decluttering time

As you start to draw into your home more, you may find that you need to move around some clothes, furniture, toys and everything else.  Autumn presents a great time to have a good declutter and sell on some of those items that are underused.  The benefit of this is two-fold: 1) you can raise some money to put towards your current financial goals and 2) you create more space in your home to live.  If you need some help with how to get started you should check out The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.

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  1. Entertain kids outside

Outside in autumn is the perfect playground for kids, without the need for any toys.  In case it wasn’t already, everything becomes a sensory adventure that will keep them busy for ages.  Not only is the weather probably still good enough for using all the summer toys, but falling leaves, muddy paths and giant puddles are all added to the mix.  My children will happily spend a day playing in puddles if I dress them right and go for a long walk.  And mud + pots and pans = mud pies all round.


  1. Tea and candles

Sipping tea by candle light is the only way to spend your autumn evenings.  And the cost of this is very cheap, particularly when you compare it to a night at the cinema or at a pub.  Bulk buying tea and candles early in the season can save you even more money and you’ll enjoy every evening spent this way.


Now if all of the above are not perfect reasons why you should already be saving money in the autumn, then perhaps you need a little motivation.  With Christmas just round the corner, you will need to be saving money in order to ensure that it doesn’t completely mess up your financial goals for this year.  Hopefully you’ve been organised and prepared yourself for Christmas by saving regularly throughout the year.  If not you can check out my post about getting your budget Christmas ready.


With all these money saving strategies lined up, all you need to do now is enjoy this wonderful season.  Soak up the beautiful colours in nature, embrace the evenings sat round a fire and cosy up your home.  It is absolutely my favourite season and I’m looking forward to it already.


Tell me your ideas for saving money this autumn.

Do you have any suggestions?  I would love to share them with my readers to make autumn even better.


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.


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10 responses to “Why Autumn Is The Perfect Time To Save”

  1. Elyse says:

    Also NO MORE AC! I think I am the most excited about this one. I love having my windows open but Nebraska summer is hot and winters are cold. There is about 3-4 weeks in between that are perfect weather to have the windows open!

    • Charlotte Jessop says:

      Of course! This is not something we have to think about in the UK. Most of the time we are too cold anyway even in the summer and if it’s does get hot we like complaining about it rather than trying to fix it. ?

  2. These are some great ways to save money! I love being able to use my crockpot more often, and also using my oven to “heat” our house. P.S. I LOVE the Marie Kondo’s book.

  3. YES! to all the soup. You know how much money you can save by just cooking soup?!?! ITs such an easy meal. My go-to!


  4. theyogachickmaria says:

    You have some great reminders on here about how easy it is to save during fall. Thank you.

  5. Cris Silva says:

    Those are great tips, at least in the beginning of the fall it is reasonable to walk. In northern parts of the country, sometimes temperature gets super cold and windy.

  6. Samantha says:

    Love all these! I agree with the no more AC. Open windows are the best!

  7. We love to fix up a big pot os soup or stew and eat on it for a week. It makes the perfect quick fix meal and does save a ton of moola too.

  8. Brie says:

    I can save money on electricity. My window is always cracked to let air in with the heat off. I like to stay cool.

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