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15 Best Refer A Friend Schemes 2021

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Some of the links in this post might be affiliate links.  This means that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small amount of money at no additional cost to you.

With so many businesses out there trying to capture a slice of the market, may are turning to word of mouth marketing, aka refer a friend schemes.  This relies on you telling your mates how great they are.  Whether you are looking for refer and earn apps, referral programs that pay cash or those that offer free stuff, I’ve got them all!

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refer a friend schemes

Best Refer A Friend Schemes To Make Money

What is better than making money from a referral code or link?  You literally get paid for referrals.  There are several good ones out there and these are my favourites.

Profit Accumulator

If you are into matched betting an already using this site then you should definitely take advantage of their recommend a friend scheme.

It is a simple system where you give your mate your unique code.  They enter this during the sign-up process, and this links them to you.

31 days after they have made their first subscription payment you will get £10.  What is better is that for every five people you refer you get an additional £25.

Get started yourself here (there’s the potential to make A LOT of money from matched betting so I recommend it anyway) and once you are up and running you can refer all your friends too.


Not only is OhMyDosh a great way to make some extra money but their refer a friend programme is pretty damn good too.

OhMyDosh gives you a link to share with your friends however you like.  Once your mates have signed up and earnt their first tenner you will receive an extra £5 bonus.

To encourage your friends to sign up, OhMyDosh offer them an extra £1 to their pot when they use your link.  Get this for yourself by signing up with my link.  On top of all the money they can earn through the site anyway, they’ll have a hard time NOT signing up.


20Cogs is similar to OhMyDosh in that you earn money for signing up to offers, but there is a subtle difference.  You must complete 20 of these offers to get your money.

It is easy enough to work through the offers, but the best bit is the £20 bonus you get for referring your friends.  AND THAT’S NOT ALL, you get 5% of everything they make on 20Cogs FOREVER!

Personally, I think this is a cracking refer a friend scheme, but you might need to keep your friends motivated to make it all the way through the 20 offers.

American Express

Another great refer a friend scheme but one that is a bit more complicated to explain.  This one varies depending on the card your friend ends up getting, the card you have and how many people you have already referred.

Generally, the amount you get goes up with the number of referrals you make.  You can get up to £40 per person.  But there is a limit on the number of people you can refer each year.

They are generous though and will reward your friend for signing up too.  Either with points or cashback.  This again varies on their choice of card.

Banks With Refer A Friend Schemes


This one is big bucks!  Get £100 per friend!!  And you can do this up to five times per tax year.  Earning yourself £500.

The way this work is that you fill in a few details with Nationwide.  They will send you an email which you share with your friend.  Your friend then starts their switch.  Nationwide will do most of the work for them.

Once they are all switch over and the necessary Ts&Cs are met, you will BOTH get £100.  And the whole process only takes 7 days.

Like I said you can repeat this for up to five friends.  Earning them each £100 and you £500.


Another cracking offer from a bank here.  With TSB’s recommend a friend scheme you can earn £75 per person and can invite up to five friends or family members.

Plus there is £75 up for grab for your mates too.  It is a great deal and they have some excellent accounts with good interests rate, so they are definitely worth considering if you are looking for a change.

Natwest Refer A Friend Scheme

Unfortunately, NatWest do not offer a refer a friend scheme.  But they do have a bank switching scheme where you could earn £175 in 2020.

Refer A Friend Schemes Through Apps

Even better than just referring your mates and getting money is referring them making money from your phone or tablet.  These referral deals are all available as apps.


This little app will give you cashback on stuff you buy when you send them a photo of the receipt.  They are encouraging you to buy certain products and leave a review afterwards.  I have a look on there to see if there is anything that I would normally buy and use it to get a bit of money back.

Their referral scheme will give you £3 per person that you can sign up and there is normally something in it for them too.  Cashback on an item such as chocolate.

This is a double win.  Download the app and enter my code [yw7aa] to get you going.  And then start signing people up.  Plus you can then start getting some cashback on your stuff too.


Now Shoppix is small fry compared to some of these but money is money eh?

This great app is used for taking pictures of your receipts.  These are then uploaded and used for market research.

Each receipt you scan in earns you between 25-30 tokens depending on how quickly you upload it.  This makes their refer-a-friend deal quite attractive.

For each person that signs up with your Shoppix referral code (here’s mine by the way: 2T28CJN4) you get an additional 200 points.

Considering that an Amazon voucher is only 3,200 points this will get you a fair way of the way.  And it doesn’t cost your friends anything to do.  So go get referring!


Another way to earn some hard cash.  Monese offer you a reward after you refer a friend and they use their card for the first time.  You get £5 for this.

They also then offer you a further payout of £15, if that friend spends over £500 on their card.  Meaning that there is a whopping £20 available for each sign up.

For more information, you can check out my post all about Monese.  As far as I can tell there is no limit to how many people you refer.  I recommend that you sign up everyone and their mum for an account.


If you can find someone that isn’t using cashback sites, then send them this article and get them to sign up to Quidco.

Using your Quidco link you can make both you and your friend £5.  They have to get £5 cashback, but that should be easy enough and then you’ll both get your money.

If you are not yet using Quidco then you can sign up with my link and you’ll get an extra £10!!  You are welcome!


Top Cashback is very similar to Quidco.  It worth checking them both when looking for cashback as one might have a slightly better deal than the other.

Top Cashback’s referral programme actually pays you slightly better than Quidco.  You can get £7.50 per friend with this site.

Again you can sign up as many friends as you like and as long as they make £10 in cashback you’ll get your money.  You can get started with Top Cashback through this link.


Not technically an app, but an add-on to your Facebook Messenger app.  You can read more about it in this post.

It’s in this list because there is £5 in it for you and a friend, and you can refer as many people as you like.  To get your first £5 you can sign up with my link.  Once you are in you are good to start referring people.

Not only is the referral scheme pretty good but it is a nifty little bit of software too.  It will help you keep a track on your money and you message it just like you would a person.


This is a nifty and super convenient app.  If like me, you’ve signed up for various different cards then your purse is probably bulging.

Well, Curve provides a solution to that.  You link all your cards to this app and they send you ONE card to act in place of the rest.

You can then spend through this card and choose using the app which account you want it to come out of.

What is even better is that you get £5 for signing up and £5 for every person you refer.  Use this link to sign up and enter my code: N3MQPMVD for your first £5.  You’ll need to use the card to activate it, so I recommend buying yourself an Amazon voucher.

Refer A Friend Schemes For Free Stuff

Money is great but so is free stuff!  I’ll take free stuff that improves my life is some way any day.  And these companies are producing great products.

Freddie’s Flowers

Now this one isn’t going to make you any money but you can get a beautiful bunch of flowers for free.  And they are truly beautiful!

Sign up here, enter my code [CharloJ33] and you’ll get a bunch delivered to your home for free.  Then convince your friends to sign up and you’ll keep getting new bunches for free too.

For every friend, you sign up you both get a free bunch.  That is an excellent deal.  You can cancel the subscription at any time after you’ve received your free bunch, so there’s not a lot to lose.

Simply Cook

A bit like Freddie’s Flowers you aren’t going to get any money from this one.  But you can get yourself some free boxes of recipes and spices.

Get your first box for £1 through my link, then refer your friends to get a free box each time.

Simply Cook is a subscription box company that send you all the flavourings and spices that you need to make exciting meals.  You just need the basic four or five ingredients and they provide the rest.

Personally, I don’t think they are the cheapest way to flavour your food, but if you are getting them free then they are certainly a bargain.

Know of any more refer a friend schemes?

Do you know of any other great refer-a-friend schemes?  Let me know by commenting below or heading over to Facebook.

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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  1. When I first read the title, I thought this was a negative post about referring friends for things – I think its the ‘scheme’ title. However, when I read through it was more clear! Great ideas and thank you for posting. Right before I wrote this, I shared a link to a referral link for friends to sign up for a race. I get $$ towards a future race it someone signs up with my referral link!

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