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Why I Stopped Using Shampoo

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stop using shampoo

No, I’m not dirty.  Yes, I do like saving money.  No, this wasn’t me taking things too far.  And yes, I would recommend it.  Does that answer your questions?


Two years ago, I made the decision to stop using traditional shampoos and conditioners.  I found a big movement online called “no-poo”, where people choose to wash theirs with natural products or sometimes nothing aside from water.


After reading so many great things about it, I took the plunge and stopped using the toxic shampoos that we find in the shops.


How does no-poo work?

There are several options when choosing to go no poo.  Depending on your personal situation, you choose the one that suits you best.  These are the options:

  1. Low poo. This is a bit of a halfway house.  You choose products that contain fewer chemicals.
  2. Conditioner only. Ditch the shampoo and just use conditioner.
  3. Use shampoo substitutes. I’ll talk more about this later.
  4. Water only. You wash your hair in water.  Some people even choose to only wash their hair with rainwater.

What were my motivations for stopping using shampoo?

My motivations were both financially and environmentally driven.  On top of that, I wanted to improve my own health by using fewer chemicals.


Financial motivations

Shampoo is expensive and I found myself buying more and more products as I become increasingly dissatisfied with the condition of my hair.


I was purchasing expensive shampoos to make it look and feel good and would find that they would stop working overtime and then I’d upgrade to something even more costly.


Environmental motivations

Shampoo and conditioner nearly always come in plastic bottles.  They are also full of things that I don’t want leaking out into the environment.


I wanted to cut down on my single-use plastics and thus was a big step to achieving that.  It also made my bathroom look less cluttered.

How I cleaned my hair?

I went pretty full out when I did this and opted to use natural alternatives.  My shampoo was replaced with tea or coffee and my conditioner with apple cider vinegar.


Both were cheap to buy and easy to store.  I could compost tea bags and coffee grounds, and ACV came in a glass bottle with a metal cap.


Every four days I would wet my hair, pour on a jug of tea and then rinse.  And then spray on an ACV and water mix, brush through and rinse again.


The aim of no-poo is to go as long between washes as you can with the minimum being four days.  You start at four days and try to extend the gap as your hair adjusts to the process.


How much does it cost?

It is cheap, however not as cheap as I wanted.  Although the shampoo replacements came in cheap I found that I was getting through rather a lot of ACV.


At the time, I had no way to get the large tubs (and wanted to avoid plastic anyway) and had to buy the rather expensive bottles from Tesco.


Did it work?

Well, yes and no!  I love how my hair felt the first couple of days.  It was soft and beautiful and I could tell that long term it would have been fantastic.


But stretching out over four days or more was hard.  I would look and feel bad and I struggled to remain motivated with the process.


Over time, I switched to other cleaners including beer which is meant to be good.  For a long time, I used shampoo which I loved and continue you to use now when I can get them.

Would I do it again?

Yes!  Because I could tell that if I stuck at it he results would have been phenomenal.  But I would need to do more research into options that would work for me.


I loved that I was saving money and not putting money into the hands of corporations that are known for doing bad things to the planet.


Want to try it yourself?

If you fancy trying it yourself then I recommend you look on Facebook.  There are some fabulous groups on there that will support you and your journey with lots of great tips and support.


If you want to ask me any questions then I am always happy to answer.  You can contact me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using the buttons at the top of the page.

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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6 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Using Shampoo”

  1. These are all great reasons to ditch the shampoo when washing your hair. I must admit, I only wash my hair every 3-4 days, sometimes I’ll go a week, even if I use shampoo.

  2. I like your reasons why you stop using shampoo and I want to start it too. This really a good blog to read!

  3. I used to work at a hair salon and one of the biggest secrets is that we over shampoo our hair. Honestly it strips the natural oils from it a ruins it the more we do to it, washing, drying, flat ironing, coloring that is why our hair looked great when we were kids.

  4. I am not sure I can go without shampoo/conditioner. However, I now only wash my hair every 2-3 days. I have found that I am saving $$ for sure. I don’t always use conditioner. I have been doing this now for over a year. The only problem I have right now…is that I feel my hair is getting greasier faster regardless of what I use and if I just rinse my hair, its even worse.

  5. Interested perspective! I couldn’t completely go no-poo as my hair is super thick and curly so I do need a deep clean every so often. I have minimized my use of shampoo and I usually condition wash! I’m becoming aware of harmful ingredients and trying to stay clear of the ones I can avoid.

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