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September 8, 2018

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I’ve got another cracking interview for you this week from the Side Hustling series.  A couple of weeks back we heard from Laura who sells hand-embroidered T-shirts on Etsy.  Today we hear from another Etsy seller with a difference.  Check out how Jennifer is using this platform to make money:


Tell us a little about yourself

Hi! I’m Jennifer, and you could catagorise me as a mid/late Thirties Working Mum with two young boys under age of 6, one husband and two cats who is striving to help other people similar to myself gain financial & time freedom through smarter financial & lifestyle choices.


What’s your side hustle?

I’m a huge believer of side hustles and multiple ones! Everyone could have one, no excuse or reason not to with internet and business ideas so easy to put into action in this technology age right now. Particularly if there is a way to not exchange time for increase in money, I support that so you can really see the benefit of time freedom to create incomes. Currently my favourite one is investing in a Lifestyle strategy fund with Vanguard which automatically generates more income for us each month through the stock exchange changes, but I also set up an Etsy store with downloadable Home Inspirational quote artwork, and you can also find my own financial planning products (spreadsheets and guides) there for others to purchase.


What was your motivation for starting?

With my Etsy store, I actually wanted to help others find a product that would help them with financial planning and household budgeting when I couldn’t find one good enough for my needs. That then turned into motivational quotes as well, as I loved them in my own home and to inspire me.


How much time do you put into it?

After setting up my store and creating the products, which took approximately 3-4 hours max, I just maintain it every few weeks and check that products download still OK and no customer enquiries through the Etsy portal.


And what sort of money are you making?

Promotion to my Etsy store is via my Youtube channel and blog supporting my own financial freedom journey being documented and where I share my thoughts to help others achieve similar. I’m in the beginning stages, and each month it is increasing, but as of this month currently £100-200 from Etsy alone.


What’s the highlight been so far?

When anyone purchases my financial planning and household budgeting bundles, and they say they love them and it has helped them, that truly makes my day and I realise my goal for doing some good in the world is coming to light!


How about the biggest challenge?

Really the only challenge for me is trying to find more of my ideal customers who might need the products I create, but that will come organically I am very sure. Where effort and passion goes, energy seems to flow.


What would you say to someone considering a similar route?

Absolutely go for it! Etsy stores are simple to set up, and you can do physical and non-physical products. Try to solve a problem for someone, then design it and sell it.


What does the future hold for this venture?

I see only more good things happening in the fact that I’m helping people with my products. I truly believe that the products I use every month with my own family, that you can purchase on my store, make a difference to how people feel about money and their household organisation, and ultimately help them achieve their true goals in life. When the intention is wholesome, people hopefully find it of value.


And where can we find you?

You can find my blog and Youtube channel over at www.mamafurfur.com or youtube.com/c/mamamfurfur, and then my socials are mainly @mamafurfur (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram). I would love to help others who might be interested in achieving financial and time freedom for their lives, so they can design the life of their dreams. It doesn’t matter the budget or income, it is what you do with it that counts!


Are you feeling inspired yet?

Thank you so much, Jennifer!  This interview has definitely given me the nudge I need to finish my digital products and get them on Etsy.  This is a particularly good way to extend the money making potential of your blog and earn some passive income.  Very inspiring!


Got more questions?  Comment below!


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The fifth part in the Side Hustling series looks at how to sell digital products on Etsy. If you need ideas for new side hustles and ways to make money then you need to read more. #sidehustling #makingmoney #lookingafteryourpennies

10 responses to “Side Hustling #5 – MamaFurFur”

  1. Marijke Doldersum says:

    Great to hear that your Etsy works for you. I had an Etsy shop and had a membership to learn how to set up, run and promote the shop and unfortunately it was not an easy process. I would do it again but not with handmade home decor what I did.

    • Charlotte Jessop says:

      I think, like blogging, there is a whole world to learn to promoting and selling through Etsy. I like how Jennifer has paired it with her blog.

  2. Poovanesh Pather says:

    I love the idea of having an Etsy shop as a side hustle. I love to make printables and am looking into this ATM. Thanks for sharing an inspirational read.

  3. Cassie says:

    It’s great to hear that Etsy actually does work well – a friend of mine has been wavering back and forth about selling her own creations on it. Sending this her way 🙂

  4. Jen @ Jenron Designs says:

    This was a interesting look at the other side of Esty I am mainly a consumer and love the site, but it great to hear how you can turn your passion in to a career.

  5. SilkEgo says:

    I absolutely loved this post! I still remember my first time reading about this topic, and I cannot believe how far I’ve grown since. Keep up the amazing work!

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