selling writing services on fiverr

Getting Started With Selling Writing Services On Fiverr

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Some of the links in this post might be affiliate links.  This means that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small amount of money at no additional cost to you.

selling writing services on fiverr

It has been a few months since I started selling writing services on Fiverr.  Since then I have made hundreds of pounds on the platform.


It has also led to lots of people asking me how it works and how you can be successful.  Therefore, I felt it was time to write this post so you can follow in my footsteps.


This article focuses on how to sell your writing services, such as blog posts and copywriting, but you can sell so many other services on Fiverr and the processes are largely the same.


What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a website that connects buyers with freelancers who are selling a range of services.  What makes Fiverr special is that you can get great quality services for a great price.


In the early days of the website, you were only allowed to sell your services for $5 when you first started.  This meant that small businesses owners could buy the skillsets of graphic designers and writers, for example, for next to nothing.


Since then, the website has evolved and sellers can charge more for their services, but it remains a great place for buyers to access the skills of newbie freelancers at a great price.


Why should you start selling on Fiverr?

There are many great reasons to start selling on Fiverr, so let me give you a few:

  1. Use old skills. It could be that you have changed careers or job role over the years and some of your old skills are now not being used.  By selling them on Fiverr you are keeping those skills active.
  2. Build experience. Alternatively, you might be new to the field and want a chance to practice new skills before seeking employment.
  3. Find new customers. If you are looking to start freelance work, then Fiverr is a fantastic way to attract new customers.  It could be that this leads into a business of its own.
  4. Another platform to sell your services. Or perhaps, you already sell these skills and you just want another way to advertise your services to potential customers.


How to set up a profile?

Firstly, you will need to create an account with Fiverr.  This will involve creating a username and password and a few basic details about yourself.


You can use this account to sell your own services and to buy the services of others, so if you’ve got an account already then you can use this and set it up for selling.


When you are selling writing services, you need to make sure that every word you put on your profile is perfect.  Poor spelling and grammar will put people off, so make sure that you double-check and triple-check anything that you put on your profile.


You will be asked to give some details about you, including your location, your education and your skills.  Try to be creative here and think of all the different ways what people might look to hire a writer.


In addition, you will be asked to provide a description of you.  Think about what people would like to know about you.  Use this as a chance to share your passion for writing whilst letting a bit of your personality creep in.


You will also need to choose a photo and a tagline.  Your photo should look professional as if you were placing it on a company website.  You tagline starts with “I will” and what follows should be a broad summary of the services you offer.


Basic English testing

Language skills are an important component of writing.  When you sign up you will be asked what languages you speak and your skill level.


As a native English speaker, I selected this option and when I add the skills tags to my profile, I was required to verify my skills through Fiverr’s testing system.


This involved taking a short test to ascertain my level of proficiency in the English language.  It wasn’t hard but I do recommend that you give it your full concentration.


If you don’t pass it the first time around then you are able to retry, so do not worry.  But it is much easier if you get through the first time of course.


Other skills may need to be verified by Fiverr too, depending on the services you offer.  Be prepared to take tests to prove these before you are allowed to advertise your skills.

Creating gigs on Fiverr

The most important part of getting set up on Fiverr is creating your gigs.  This is what your customers see when they search for people offering your services.


I always recommend that you do a search before you start creating your gigs.  Make a note of the gigs that caught your eye.  What was it that attracted you to it?  What was the photo like?


Once you click through to the gig, what information does the seller give?  What services are they offering and not offering?  What would you expect from this seller?


Use all this information to help create your own gigs.  This is your sales advertso you want to get them to convert from casual browser to buyer.


You also need to ensure that the gig sets the right expectations.  It must be clear about what you do or do not offer your buyers.  If there is a misunderstanding, it can lead to bad ratings and this can seriously damage your potential.


As part of this process, you will need to include all the details about the different options available.  Within each gig, you can create different packages: basic, standard and premium.


For me, my packages differ based on the number of words per article, revisions I can make and the number of focus words I will include.  You can decide how to vary your packages based on a variety of features.


How much can you charge when you start?

Starting out on the platform can be hard, as a lot of sales are generated based on the reviews you receive from your customers.


Therefore, it is worthwhile advertising your gigs at a low price until you have a good number of reviews which will give your buyers more confidence.


The price that is displayed when you appear in search results is the price of your basic package, so you can increase the prices of the other packages in line with the services you offer.


For example, my basic package is a 300-word article and naturally, this is my lowest price.  However, with my gigs, I offer up to 700 words which are double the price.


In addition to this, I offer my customers the chance to receive their finished article within one day for an extra charge.  This is a great way to increase revenue.


You can offer extra services within an active order too.  Therefore, if you are in the middle of a great article and think that you could write another 500 words of quality content, then you can offer this to your buyer.


How do people find you on Fiverr?

  1. Share your gigs on social media. You can share links to your gigs with friends and family on a variety of social media platforms.  This will drive people to your services and hope lead to some sales.
  2. Searching for you by name. If people have worked with you before they can search for you using your Fiverr username.  Hence, I recommend keeping your username simple.
  3. Searching for your services. The most common way for people to find you is when they search for a service.  They may type in “blog writing” and this will bring up one of your gigs.


How to get your gigs seen?

Given that your gigs are the most likely way that you are going to attract customers, it is important to spend some time making sure that they worthy of being found and clicked on.


Just like Google and other search engines, Fiverr relies on keywords to match you up with the buyer’s search criteria.


Therefore, you need to make sure that your gig title and description are clear and specific about what you are offering.  For example, my most popular gig is writing eco-friendly living blog posts.  I have made sure that this phrase features repeatedly across the gig.


As well as the words you write, the images are important too.  They need to look professional and relevant.  I took the time to create images on Canva that include a picture of me and a description of services.


In addition, I have included samples of my written work in my gallery.  I make a point not to include whole articles, but more snapshots of articles that are relevant to that gig.


Again, search for the services you want to offer and see what the competition looks like.  Use this to sculpt and design your gigs.


What are the turnaround times?

The final element of creating your gigs involves deciding how long it will take you to complete the work.  Fiverr has tools to help you with this.


You can decide how long it is going to take you to deliver your work and this information will appear on the gig for potential buyers to see.  You need to be realistic about this.  Balance your capabilities with buyer expectation.


Buyers are not going to want to wait weeks and weeks for one article, particularly if your competitors can turn them around in a couple of days.


But, likewise, you need to be able to complete the job in that time.  Fiverr allows you to limit your queue so that you can’t be overwhelmed with work and you can pause gigs if you are on holiday or ill.

Receiving and managing orders

Typically, buyers will reach out to you first to get more information about your work and to see if you are able to do the work they want doing.


Use this conversation as an opportunity to further sell your writing skills and to promote yourself as a reliable worker.


Once you’ve got the order, it is time to get to work.  Make sure you deliver on all points and communicate with your buyer to make sure you have all the information you need.


With each gig, Fiverr allows you to ask your buyers for a set of requirements.  You can set the questions you want answering so make sure you ask the right questions.


Delivering your work on time is important.  This is one of Fiverr’s quality metrics so make sure that you aren’t late.


Once your work is delivered, your buyer may ask for a revision if this is included in your gig (you can set this when you first create it).  I recommend including revisions as this will strengthen the relationship you have with the buyer and help you deliver the perfect product.


What happens after you have delivered your work?

After you have delivered your work and dealt with any revision that the customer wants, they will accept your order.  If they don’t do anything the order is automatically accepted after three days (72 hours).


How long do you wait for payment?

It takes 14 days for payments to become available to you.  This timer starts from the moment the order is accepted.


If you reach the lofty height of being a top-rated seller then you can receive your money in 7 days, but that is going to take a fair amount of work.  I’ll discuss that more later.


How are you paid?

You have three options when deciding how to withdraw your money and each have different fees:

  1. PayPal. You can link either a personal or business PayPal account to Fiverr.  This means you can usually get your cleared funds instantly.  There are no fees to withdraw this way but as Fiverr pays in dollars, there is a conversion fee.  Use this method for withdrawing up to $200.
  2. Bank transfer. You can link your bank account to Fiverr through Payoneer.  It takes longer than PayPal and there are fees.  But once the conversion fees are factored in this method is better for amounts over $200.
  3. Fiverr revenue card. This is a physical card that you can use to shop online or in stores.  There are fees for a variety of things though, including transferring your money on to the card.  Personally, I have avoided this route as I have found PayPal and bank transfers to be satisfactory.


Rating systems

Both buyers and sellers receive feedback on Fiverr.  After the buyer has accepted your order, they will be invited to leave feedback on you.


This will consist of a written comment and a rating out of five on the following areas:

  1. Seller communication level
  2. Recommend to a friend
  3. Service as described


The average of these three scores make up your rating for that order and then the average of all these makes up your overall rating for that gig.


Seller levels and what do they mean

In addition to its rating system, Fiverr also has seller levels. These are No level, Level 1, Level 2 and Top Seller.


There is a range of criteria required to progress up through these levels and it gets progressively more challenging.


You should find that you naturally progress through these levels as you continue you provide your buyers with quality services.  Your main barriers to going up level will be your earning and the number of orders.


Therefore, you can try to boost these by encouraging your buyer to go up a package and splitting larger jobs into multiple orders.  Overall though, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


You may use a level up as an opportunity to review your prices.  Increased seller level demonstrates that you have been successful on the platform and are a recommended seller, therefore you can reflect this in what you charge.


What if something goes wrong?

If you need to modify or cancel an order, then you can use Fiverr’s resolution centre to help.  From here you can select the order in question and make changes.


It could be that a buyer is asking for more work and you need to reflect this in the package, or that you are struggling to communicate with your buyer and want them to cancel the order.


When using this feature, your information will be sent to the buyer so think carefully about what you say.  Accusing them of poor communication or “pushing their luck” is not going to encourage them to make the decision you want.


Therefore, if you need them to cancel an order, it is much better to say that you are overwhelmed with work and would not be able to give their project the attention it deserves.


What else do you need to know?

Hopefully, I have provided you with enough information to at least get you started on Fiverr.  However, if you have any more questions then feel free to send me an email or head over to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and ping me a message there.

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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    I’ve been thinking about starting to offer services on fiverr. This was very helpful and informative!

  3. I have never used Fiverr before or done a lot of freelance writing, I do get a lot of people wanting to write for my blog, which is kind of weird since it is my creative outlet.

  4. This is very timely and helpful. I recently registered on fiverr. Although I haven’t complete my profile. Maybe now I will.

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