How I made £900+ in less than 11 weeks (and not from blogging)

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Some of the links in this post might be affiliate links.  This means that if you click on them and make a purchase I may receive a small amount of money at no additional cost to you.

Who doesn’t love a bit of extra money?  I am all about multiple streams of income these days.  I started 2018 determined to fully get to grips with my family’s financial situation and I think I made a good start.  Without leaving my house (mostly) I have managed to make an extra £900 in the last 11 weeks and this is how.


Online Tutoring – £691.88

As a maths teacher, I have a service to sell.  People like their kids to be good at maths, therefore, they are happy to pay people like me to help them.  I started the year by advertising my services on TutorHub and very quickly got interest from two families.  I am now tutoring these students multiple times a week after I have put my own kids to bed.


Now I know you are going to say “well that’s all great, but I’m not a maths teacher!”  I hear you and say you don’t have to be. People want tutors for all sorts of things and there are plenty of platforms out there to offer those services. Everything from supporting someone with their master degree to photography, art or playing the guitar has the potential to make you money.  And honestly, it’s a cracking gig! I get to sit in my pyjama bottoms (I’m all business from the waist up), sip tea and impart wisdom! Oh and I make some extra money!

Face-to-face tutoring – £45

Much like above but you normally have to do some travelling to get there which eats into your cash.  Or, like me, you can convince them to come to you and look after your kids whilst you do it. Obviously, I offered a discount, I’m not completely cheeky.


Website testing – £28.41

Ok, so I made $40 but at the time of writing that converts to £28.41.  After doing a bit of research I found Basically, this site is used by companies to get feedback on their websites and they pay you for that feedback.  Most of the tests last about 10-15 minutes and you get $10 a time. Even better is that the money shows up automatically in your PayPal account exactly a week later. I’ve done four of these so far and they’ve all been rather fun.  I sit on my computer and chat about what I can see and what I am doing and try to complete the tasks they’ve given me. Annoyingly you get sent a lot of tests to do but I found that I rarely qualified for them. This put me off a bit, but I still check every now and then because £28 is not to be sniffed at.

Selling stuff – £76.80

This is a classic tip that you see on blogs time and time again but there’s a reason for that.  It’s a good’un. Not only does it make you money but recycling and reusing your products is a great thing to do.  About a year ago I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. And it is not a lie, it is life-changing but that’s another blog post.  Since then I regularly get these urges to sell my stuff. I sit in my living room and go “what can I flog in ‘ere?” If I can’t find anything I go to the kitchen and start opening cupboards.  Most of the money I made here was from selling stuff my kids no longer need. It brings me much joy to know that that stuff will be used by another family and I can have the money to buy the things my kids need now.


Quidco – £4.66

Not a huge payout from Quidco (follow this link to sign up and get an extra £10 cashback) so far this year.  I’m waiting for some big ones to payout soon. But I’ve got over £150 of tracked Quidco waiting for me and I add more to it every couple of weeks.  If you’ve not yet got started with Quidco, check out my beginners’ guide here.


Voucher from Sky – £50

My internet and phone bill was due for switching and saving, so I did my research and decided to go for Sky.  They were offering a good service at a low price AND I got a £50 voucher. Now I’d have been sold before the voucher so I was more than happy to accept.  Plus I did it through Quidco so should be getting some cashback too. Cheers Sky! Look out for my future post on how to save money each month by switching and saving.


Job spotter – £20.44

This is the one I had to leave my house for, but I hardly went out of my way to earn it.  The Job Spotter app is run by the employment agency Indeed. They basically pay you money for taking photos of job adverts in shop windows.  Therefore I earned this money (well Amazon vouchers) by shopping with my phone out. Easy!


Amazon voucher from Aviva – £10

This was more my husband’s than mine really but I ended up organising it so it is my victory.  We got a letter in the post saying that if my husband switched to online mailing for his life insurance then we would get a £10 voucher.  I didn’t need telling twice! After he said he wasn’t going to do I did it for him and a week later the voucher arrived. I love things like this.  Money for next to no effort. Keep your eyes peeled for things like this as it can be easy to discard such things as spam when actually it is legitimate.  


TOTAL – £902.19


There you go!  Now, this doesn’t include the money I’ve made from matched betting, which I am only just getting started with.  I’ll write about those another day. AND it doesn’t include any savings I’ve made. Again that is for a different post.  But it does go to show you how a little creativity can go a long way. So dig deep and have a think!


What can you do over the next three months to make some extra money?

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent financial advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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  1. £900 is definitely not to be sniffed at! I’ve never thought about online tutoring but am definitely tempted to take a look into this, I work full time and it can be at different hours during the day but I guess different people will want tutoring at different times sos I may still be able to fit in some!

    Hannah |

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