Meal Planning: It’s Soup Season

September 17, 2018

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I’m writing this late on Sunday evening.  It has been a great day!  I took the kids out running with me whilst my husband went on a mega bike ride this morning.  After that I went to Aldi for the food shop.  The best bit, however, was spending the afternoon at our friends’ house.  They have children similar ages to ours and are kind and generous hosts.  We love hanging with them.  We spent this afternoon eating, drinking and chilling in their hot tub.  So after the surprisingly beautiful afternoon, I’m sat here thinking “Yay” It’s soup season!”  I love soup!  I know I’m odd.


A review of last week

As I said in last week’s post: “The Normal Week” this was to be our first week with all jobs and activities back up and running.  I was quite excited and rightly so!  This week has been great!  Everything ran like clockwork.  Despite feeling a bit busy at times the structure and routine actually gave us more time together.  Being organised was a key part of the week and meal planning was a huge contributor.  Not needing to think about food meant that it was one less thing to worry about.


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The week ahead

This coming week is particularly dull on paper.  It is essentially the same as last week but without forest school on Wednesday morning.  We are expecting Nanny and Grandad to visit on Saturday though, which will be nice.  And I’ve planned extra food for them.  Aside from that though, it’s business as usual.


I am very excited to start including soup back on my menus!  We had soup multiple times a week throughout last winter and it was amazing!  I am kicking soup season off this week with Spiced Parsnip Soup which is an absolute favourite of mine.  The recipe is one that I stole from a friend who first made this for us.  It is a simple parsnip soup with a little bit of shop bought curry paste stirred in.  And oh goodness!  It is proper yummy!


This week’s meals



It has been ages since I have done American pancakes.  With no forest school happening this Wednesday I’ve decided that we are going to have a lazy morning that includes pancakes, blueberries and a decent amount of maple syrup.  I’m actually quite excited about it!  Rest of the week will be “the usuals”.




Tuna sandwiches

Cheesy pasta

Cheese sandwiches

Jacket potatoes with beans and cheese

Spiced parsnip soup

Pesto pasta



Satay chicken with brown rice

Sausage and chips

Bacon risotto

Pasta bake

Lemon & thyme chicken with baby potatoes

Steak & ale pie and mash

Chilli & jacket potatoes


This week’s spend

Another big one this week (although exactly £1 less than last week)!  This time it comes with a plan though!  I have officially made the decision to only do a Tesco delivery shop once a fortnight.  After shopping at Aldi for the last couple of weeks I have realised that the things I buy at Tesco are not costing me enough to avoid the pick and pack charge.  Therefore, this week I’ve bought double of all the stuff that I HAVE to buy at Tesco.


There are some things that I do not need to buy at Tesco but they are cheaper from there.  A whole chicken for example.  I figured that those foods I will just have fortnightly rather than weekly so that they stay fresh long enough.  If it is a product that will last or can be frozen then I will just buy it two weeks in advance.  Time to get more organised!


Plans for next week

I think next week is going to be even more boring than this one.  I guess it is time to fully embrace autumn though and get the pumpkins out.  And soup!  More soup!


How do your meal plans change depending on the season?  Do you incorporate all foods all year?  Or are some reserved for hotter/colder weather?


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It's soup season! Take a look at the meal planning for this week. Get inspired, save money and keep family life organised. #mealplanning #frugalliving

12 responses to “Meal Planning: It’s Soup Season”

  1. Michelle says:

    I actually really love soup — it’s such an easy meal to make, simple to take leftovers, and there are so many different ways to make soup. Also, it’s perfectly cosy for autumn and winter.

    Thanks for sharing! x


  2. Tracy says:

    We love soup in the fall and winter. I just made a double batch of French onion soup. I’ll freeze most of it in individual containers– it’s perfect for when you want something to warm you up.

  3. TheHappyFoodKitchen says:

    I think Lidl and Aldi are just brilliant for ingredients and also seasonal veg at cheap prices. I tend to meal plan as I shop to include all the great offers.

  4. Cassie says:

    We typically eat salad type meals during the summer and I whip out the crockpot during the fall! It’s kind of fun looking forward to certain meals throughout the year 🙂

  5. Sarah - Mud, Cakes and Wine says:

    all sounds amazing and sausages and chips is something i never do and now i am really wanting that dinner x

  6. Katy Stevens says:

    Satay chicken is one of my favourite dishes. Sounds like a delicious week. Thanks for linking up x

  7. Ruth Skelley (The Rolling Twenties) says:

    I should start planning dinners! This is amazing, and so useful! I love satay chicken! These are great tips, and a great blog! ??xx

  8. We do change to a lot of soups in winter. We often have roast chicken for Sunday lunch, chicken stir fry for Monday dinner the use the carcass to make a stock for a chunky chicken and vegetable soup. Really cheap with a handful of dried pulses for bulk and fibre.

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