Meal Planning: Holidays

October 8, 2018

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We are heading away this week to spend a couple of nights in a yurt in Kent!  Although we love going away, it is a rare and exciting event for us so we are all buzzing.  Ideally, we wanted to go camping because it is the best but felt that the time of year was probably not right for taking two small kids away in a tent.  This was when my husband found a beautiful yurt in the Kent Downs.  I could not have booked it up quick enough.  Anyway, because I’m in a chilled out mood and ready to go away I’ve decided that I’m going to take a break from meal planning.  BUT I thought that rather than ignore this weekly post entirely, I’d do my top tips for meal planning on holiday.


Why should you listen to me?

I know!  You might think that if I’m so good at meal planning on holiday why aren’t I taking my own advice and doing it this time?  Well, firstly, I’ve meal planned through several holidays.  When you have multiple dietary requirements you pretty much HAVE to plan ahead when it comes to food.  Meal planning on holiday is pretty much a necessity whenever I go away.  All inclusive holidays still require a lot of forward thinking and a suitcase full of free from products.


Secondly, despite the fact that I haven’t meal planned yet I probably will before I go away.  The likelihood is that after I finish writing this I will get the collywobbles about feeding my family WITHOUT A MEAL PLAN and just do one anyway.  Plus what if they don’t have supermarkets in Kent!  (They do!  My parents live there!  We go there all the time.  There are definitely supermarkets.)  I will meal plan through this, but I’m just enjoy a day or two off and the feeling of recklessness that comes with it.


Why should you do meal planning on holiday?

  1. It keeps the cost down.  Holidays are already an extra expense.  Throwing a huge food budget on top can just be that step too far.
  2. It can avoid that desperate search for food.  We’ve had this moment a few times.  Your family arrive at a new place.  You need food.  You hunt around for a restaurant or shop and realise that you are in the middle of nowhere.  The kids are hungry.  You are hungry.  Ugh!  Meal planning and a coolbox can go a long way in these situations.
  3. Everyone gets their favourite foods.  You can take the whole family’s food faves into consideration and make sure that everyone is happy (ish).


Top tips for meal planning on holiday

  1. Consider the equipment you will have available.  Do you have a full kitchen?  Or just a kitchenette?  What about a BBQ?  Knowing what cooking facilities you will be able to use will inform your meal planning so that you can avoid disappointment on arrival.
  2. Think about where the food will come from.  If you are taking all the food with you then this is straight forward.  If not, it is worth thinking about shops, supermarkets and restaurants that are near to where you are staying.  AND how are you going to get the food back from the shops.  Planning for this in advance will take the pressure off.
  3. Make a list of everyone’s wants.  My family all have different holiday food requests.  I like to snack in the evenings when we are away so I buy some packets of crisps.  My husband likes a fry up so I get some bacon and eggs in.  The kids love pain au chocolat so I get a big packet and they survive on those all week.
  4. Plan the snacks!  Being on holiday means that you’ll want treats.  Plus there is likely to be temptation everywhere.  Thinking ahead on this will mean that you can save yourself money by avoid those premium prices.
  5. Allow yourself to eat out.  Part of being on holiday is enjoying being in a new place.  It would be very dull for me to go away and just eat my usual pasta bake every day.  Therefore, give yourself some slots to explore the local cuisine and budget for this.  It is far better to plan for this than to buy food and let it go to waste because you chose to eat out instead.


There you have it!  Meal planning on holiday can save you money and relieve some of the stress around mealtimes (particularly if you’ve got kids or allergies).  But make sure that it doesn’t sap all the fun out of the experience.  You can find the balance!  I believe in you!


Got any more tips?  Share them with me below!


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Meal Planning On Holiday. As we are having a couple of nights away this week, I decided to break from tradition and give my top tips for meal planning on holiday. Stay in budget, prevent food waste and still enjoy yourself. #budget #mealplanning #frugalliving #savingmoney

3 responses to “Meal Planning: Holidays”

  1. katykicker says:

    We always plan at least 3 out of 5 dinners and lunches when we are at centerparcs – it’s a great way to save money towards booking our next break!

    Thanks for linking up and great tips x

  2. Hope you all have a lovely time – the yurt sounds great !

  3. Mud Cakes and Wine says:

    I have one rule and thats i am not cooking for most of our holiday. it has to be a break for us all. Our little boy has type 1 so eating out is always a guessing game for medication but its a holiday xx

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