Meal Planning: Family Days

August 7, 2018
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The weeks just fly past don’t they?  I feel like I have only just finished the last of these posts and here we are again.  Anyway I really enjoyed writing last week’s post so I am looking forward to writing my meal planning post for this week.


A review of last week

Generally everything went to plan.  All the food got eaten so that was good.  We did decide to have a BBQ one day because the weather was just lovely and neither of us wanted to go indoors to cook.  This meant that we did go out and buy extra food for the occasion.  We had to do a couple of meal switches around because I was planning on my parents being here for dinner on Saturday but this changed to Sunday, so I swapped those meals over so I had enough to cater for everyone.  The husband was a little disappointed about this because he was hoping to eat most of a giant lasagne.  Unlucky!


The week ahead

Although normality has not resumed (still summer holidays and still no nursery), things have settled down in the way of visitors and events.  In addition to this my husband is off work for four out of the next seven days so we get lots of time together.  This also allows for some slightly more fancy meals as with another pair of eyes on the kids we can spend a bit longer cooking.


This week’s meals



We are going to be cycling through our usuals again this week.  My children will mostly eat cereals, toast, fruit and yoghurt with a milk drink.  My husband has granola and yoghurt, and I: oats and yoghurt.  As a treat we may have pancakes or eggy bread when Daddy is off work.




Tuna sandwiches

Chicken salad

Jacket potatoes with cheese

Leftover pasta bake

Parsnip soup





Pizza & chips

Pork belly & mash

Mediterranean vegetable pasta

Roast chicken & new potatoes

Steak & ale pie

Pork meatballs & spaghetti


This week’s spend

This week’s groceries spend was another cheap one, but this was made cheaper by finding some lovely yellow ticket items (reduced) when I had to pop into Tesco on Saturday for milk (my parents drink A LOT of tea).  Also I am finding that the hot weather is reducing my need for food.  I’d much rather have an ice cold drink than a big meal so that is a saving too!


Plans for next week

Again another typical week next week.  I might spend some time this week looking at different meals and branching out.  It all takes that bit longer when you have to adapt recipes to make them gluten and lactose free and low FODMAP.  Worth it though!


How does your meal planning change depending on what is going on?  If you are just cooking for you do you go for easy meals or go gourmet?

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With lots of family days ahead, meal planning needs a different kid of thinking about this week. Take a look at what we are eating this week. #mealplanning #frugalliving #familylife #lookingafteryourpennies

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2 responses to “Meal Planning: Family Days”

  1. Naomi Lynas says:

    My husband is off work in the school holidays so rarely that I think we’d tend to give in to temptation and just eat out! Sounds like you’ve got some great meals planned. Hope you’ve had a lovely week, and thanks for linking up.

    • Charlotte Jessop says:

      Luckily (or not) all my food restriction remove too much temptation of eating out. We have much better meals at home anyway! Thanks for the linky!

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