Meal Planning: Birthday Treats

October 1, 2018

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This Saturday will be my husband’s 33rd birthday!  (Yep!  He’s well old!)  Unlike me, he has cast iron guts and enjoys eating all food without any consequences.  However, because he’s a good husband, he eats mostly gluten free, dairy free and low FODMAP to make things easier at home.  There are plenty of times when I feel sorry for him and think that he would perhaps enjoy living in a house where he doesn’t have to instantly clean up every stray breadcrumb or where he can have actual garlic in a bolognese rather than garlic oil.  But he never grumbles and actually he is a complete superstar about it.


Therefore, for his birthday this year, we have arranged to spend the evening at our local Oktoberfest event.  There will be beer and bratwurst galore with live music just for good measure.  I’m really looking forward to it even though I’ll probably be taking a picnic and drinking water!  On top of this, I’m going to throw in some of the hubbie’s favourite meals this week, which is essentially steak and ale pie.  That man loves a pie!


A review of last week

In general a good week, although there was lots of binge eating on my part.  I think I ate all the food.  Goodness knows what that was about but I was hungry.  We were invited for dinner to a friend’s house midweek and that sort of threw the plan out a bit.  But it did mean that we had a leftover meal to carry forward into next week.  Woohoo!


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The week ahead

There are a few things going on this week.  For example, I have Open Evening at school meaning that I will be out of the house until late.  Then with the husband’s birthday we have my parents staying over to babysit meaning they will need food too.  Then there’s the usual activities that we have each week from work to nursery to swimming to forest school.  Everything requires some consideration on the meal plan.


This week’s meals



Last week I got a bit overexcited when I made eggy bread.  It tasted so good and the kids loved it too.  This triggered run of eggy bread for breakfast but also made me remember how good a hot breakfast is when the weather is a bit cooler.




Ham sandwiches

Leftover pasta bake

Chicken sandwiches

Jacket potatoes

Tuna sandwiches

Cheese on toast



Spaghetti and meatballs

Mediterranean vegetable pasta bake

Roast chicken and new potatoes

Pork chops and chips


Steak and ale pie and mash

Chilli and nachos


This week’s spend

I had to do a midweek pop to Tesco this week.  I say had to, but really I wanted crisps.  Ha!  Anyway I took it as an opportunity to look for yellow labels and I totally lucked out.  Hence most of the meat this week is reduced meat that I have chucked in the freezer.  Therefore, despite this week being the big shopping week I’ve managed to keep the cost low.  Very happy with that.


Plans for next week

Next week is exciting but I’ll tell you about that when we get there.  It is going to make for some fun meal planning though.


How does a family birthday change your meal planning?  Does it cost you more or less or do you keep it the same?


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Meal planning - Birthday Treats. With my husband's birthday coming up this week I've tried to plan meals that he enjoys. But as always, saving money and staying on budget is key. #mealplanning #frugalliving #savingmoney

2 responses to “Meal Planning: Birthday Treats”

  1. katykicker says:

    The numbers of your spend this week please me, haha!

    My husband loves a nice pie too – I’ve got one on the menu this week!

    Thanks for linking up and have a great week!

  2. Mud Cakes and Wine says:

    i have a similar meal plan for my hubby coming up. Hope he enjoys the fest and meals sound lovely x

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