How Working Part Time Could Make You Better Off

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This month is my first month as a part-time working mum.  After my maternity leave ended I decided to that going back full time (like I did after I had my first) was just not going to work for me this time.  Therefore I did was I always do in these situations and crunched the numbers.  The result was that with both my husband and I working part-time we would only be about £100 per month worse off than with just me working full time.  I was more than happy with that.  Thus, I became part-time teacher and part time stay at home mum.


Although, I had scrutinised our income, making sure that I knew exactly how much we had coming in.  I had neglected to look as carefully at our outgoings.  Not only that but I hadn’t looked at the other opportunities that would open up to us when both working part time.


Financial benefits of working part time

  • The cut in pay is never as bad as you think.

I went down to a 40% role.  However, my take home pay is 55% of my full time income.  This is thanks to paying less tax and making lower pensions contributions (don’t worry, there’s a plan for this).  Essentially this means that by working less I get to keep more of my money.

  • Decreased travel costs.

I only work two days a week.  Consequently I only have to travel to work twice now.  For us, this meant that we could get by with only needing one car rather than two.  So that’s what we did.  This is on top of the savings on fuel and car maintenance with only 40% of the costs there.

  • Decreased childcare costs.

Our childcare costs are ZERO!  We have never paid for childcare and don’t ever intend to.  This is not because we are privileged to be surrounded by helpful family.  In reality, it is the opposite.  We made the decision early on that we would keep our kids at home until they were at least three.  With both of us working part time we are able to have our kids at home with either one of us at any time.

  • Less work related expenditure.

Now that I only work two days a week I need far fewer work clothes.  These are typically more expensive than my normal clothes as they need to look smart and professional.  I have about three outfits now on a rotation which is significantly less than the 7/8 I had before.

  • Reduction in household expenditure.

With at least one of us at home all the time it means that we are available to do things around the house more and are far less reliant on convenience products.  For example, we can cook fresh meals from scratch every day.  We can also do lots of little DIY jobs that we would otherwise have had to pay someone else to do.

  • Opportunities to pursue other ventures.

Being at home more means that we have more freedom to chase other money sources.  We have the time to get our side hustle on and bring more money into the house that way.  I am now able to spend more time on my blog as well do some tutoring too.


It is not just financially that we are better off too.  It seems that we all benefit when we work less.


Other benefits to working part time

  • More family time.

Although we only get one day together as a family each week, our children do get to spend every day with at least one of their parents.  Plus when I am on school holidays we get even more days together.

  • It improves our mental health.

I found being away from eldest really hard when I returned from my maternity leave full time.  That’s why I knew that I couldn’t do it again when I went back after my youngest.  I find that I am much less stressed and more able to cope with the busyness of life when I am not at work as much.

  • More time to fully commit to each task.

Whether I’m at work being a teacher or at home being mummy, I feel that I am able to fully commit to each role rather than having one creeping into the other.  With only a couple of days out of the house I know that I am going to have time to do all the things that need doing at home during the rest of the week.  This means that I am able to focus on teaching and doing the best I can whilst I am there.

  • Chance to grow personally.

When I was working fully time, I felt that there were a million and one things that I wanted to do or achieve but that there was never enough time to do any of them.  Now I work less, it feels as though I am able to nurture other interests in my life.  Again this makes me healthier and happier and improves things for the whole family.


Are you considering working part time?

If you are then I would urge you to look at the whole picture.  Yes, it might lead to a drop in income but likely it will lead to a drop in outgoings too.  And what about all the other things you will be able to do? Maybe you could start that business that you’ve been thinking about.  Or perhaps you could start studying part time too.  Or maybe you’ll be able to spend some real quality time with your family.  Whatever it is make sure it factors into your calculations.  It may be the best thing you ever do!


Have you gone part time?  Were there any hidden benefits?  Let me know by commenting below!

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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10 thoughts on “How Working Part Time Could Make You Better Off”

  1. I used to love working full time before kids, then I loved being a stay at home mom, then when they got older, I tried working part time. I liked it a lot, I liked the flexibility and I liked getting out of the house and doing something to help others. I am not working now because I have to help out my older mom more but I would love to maybe work again part time in the future. Good article!

  2. It is amazing to see how it actually makes a difference. People don’t realise that. I have always worked part time and have been able to reduce childcare costs. As an immigrant I had no family to support us. For me it was also important to have time with the kids rather than coming home tired and have no energy to be with them. Great tips!

  3. There are many advantages to working part time. But I think the biggest one would be mindful parenting and the freedom to make money online.

  4. Loving the blog! I’ve just decided to work part time and I echo your points especially about the benefits to my mental health and when at work / at home iI’ fully present. X

  5. My children are grown up but I have elderly parents who need my support and a grandson who I would like to spend more time with so I’d like to go part time but my only worry is my pension contributions as I’m 55 and have a few years to make up . But it’s definitely the best option if you can do it . There’s nothing more precious than time !

  6. This was a really interesting read – I love the idea of working less and being better off! I definitely want to go part-time in the future but want to make sure I’m on UPS first. How do you feel about paying less into your work pension?

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