How To Save Money On Grocery Deliveries

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When it comes to the food shop, I’m really lazy.  I love having my food delivered straight to my door.  Even though it doesn’t necessarily align with my frugal lifestyle.


Having two small children means that physically doing the food shop is a complete nightmare.  They both want to sit in the trolley.  They get upset when you say they can’t have something.  Then the stress of it all means that I spend a fortune on junk because I deserve it after that.


The downside to this is that you can’t use the cheap places like Lidl and Aldi.  This means that to save money on grocery deliveries I have to get a bit more creative.


What do I normally do?

Tesco is my go to.  I started using Tesco years ago because I loved their Clubcard scheme.  I’d buy all my food and then every few months I’d get a load of vouchers that I could quadruple in value and spend on days out with the kids.


However, they stopped having our local attractions on the Clubcard system, so we switched to using them at restaurants.  And then they stopped the quadrupling and now you can only triple them.


With these changes, my loyalty began to wane a bit.  Yeah, I still love going to Bella Italia and getting a meal out for my whole family using my Clubcard vouchers.  But if I’m honest, it’s not my favourite restaurant.


Despite all this, they continued to receive my custom.  Their “free from” range is good, which makes shopping easier and then there’ the convenience of using the same place every week.  A few clicks through last weeks list and you are done.

save money on grocery deliveries


What prompted a change?

I also love Sainsbury’s.  Their clothes and their home sections are lovely, so I am regularly popping in there to get a few bits and buy some Reese’s chocolate spread (only place I’ve found it).


I found that I went in there a few times and received a coupon for £18 off my first online delivery.  After only half paying attention to the first couple, one day I realised that this was a decent amount of money.  That week I ordered my food shop through Sainsbury’s instead.


What other offers are out there?

After taking advantage of this offer, I figured that there were probably other offers like this about.  And why couldn’t I take advantage of all of them.


Here is a complete list of the offers that I have found so far:

Sainsbury’s -£18 + £12 off

This is where it all started.  I received a coupon after purchasing an item in store and using my Nectar card.


The coupon was worth £18 and I had to spend a minimum of £60.  Sainsbury’s is usually more expensive than Tesco so I had to be very strict with myself to ensure I didn’t overspend.


But I did it AND received a second coupon with this delivery worth £12!  Again I did the same thing, and got the full value of the coupon.


Ocado – 30% off

Ocado are offering all first timers 30% off their grocery shop.  This is up to a maximum discount of £25 (you can spend £83.33 to maximise this).


The minimum order is £60 and again Ocado is more expensive than some of the other shops so you will have to be careful about what you choose.  If you are not careful this won’t be much of a saving at all.


They also offer three months of free deliveries, so if you fall in love you can make the most of that too.


Tesco – 1-month free trial

I think I did this one ages ago but you can get a months trial off Tesco’s delivery saver.  This means that you can have as many deliveries as you like (maximum one a day) without paying a delivery fee.


You can cancel this subscription at anytime to avoid paying for this service, so you will be able to get your groceries to your door rather than dragging your children round the shops.  To me, that’s priceless!


Personally, I have the mid-week delivery saver plan.  This entitles me to deliveries on Tuesday,  Wednesday and Thursday each week.  For this I pay £3.49 a month but it saves me loads in delivery charges.


Waitrose – £10 off

Now this was a deal that I got through my myWaitrose card.  I got a set of four vouchers that either entitled me to £4 off in store or £10 off when I spent £100 online.


Spending £100 in Waitrose is easier but this doesn’t mean you should do it.  If you get sent these voucher, think very careful about whether they offer any real value to you.  If they do then knock yourself out.


Asda – Delivery Pass

No special offer from Asda unfortunately.  Boo Asda!  But they do sell a delivery pass which could potential save you money on the delivery charges.


You can get 6 or 12 month options with a choice of all week or midweek.  Asda claim that if you buy their 12 month all week pass for £55 for the year, you can potentially save £101 in delivery charges.


If you are a regular online Asda shopper then this may well save you some decent money.


Be on the lookout

I am sure that there are more of these sorts of deals about so make sure that you use your loyalty cards and take advantage of these deals when they show up.

save money on grocery deliveries

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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