How To Make Money From Your Stuff

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Sometimes when I get bored in the evening, I find myself looking around my living room and wondering what else I can make money from.


About a year ago I went on a huge decluttering regime.  Very little survived the cut, but I was able to make money from the process.  Reviewing each item in turn allowed me to consider its value to me and I came to a brilliant conclusion.  If I didn’t love it, it either had to make money or go or both.


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Selling Your Stuff

Now if you are looking around your house and thinking that it is full of things that you haven’t used in a while then sell it.  It’s better than cleaning and dusting it.


This is obviously not a long term and sustainable strategy.  Once you’ve sold all your stuff then you are not going to be able to make any more money this way.  However, it is something that I keep at the back of my mind I’m thinking of getting rid of things.


Every few months I find that I have accumulated new things.  Normally this is due to birthdays or other gift giving events.  This means that inevitably there are old versions or other things that are going unused as a result.


When this happens, I sell that stuff.  For the right price you will find someone to buy almost anything you have to sell.  There are very few things that I don’t at least try and sell before donating, recycling or, frustratingly, throwing away.


My favourite place to sell things is Facebook Marketplace.  There are no fees for listing products and you can decide how you receive payment.  Postage or collection is agreed between you and the buyer.  Facebook also makes it very easy to share your listing to relevant selling groups.


Other favourites include eBay (for more specialist stuff like the husband’s computing bits), Gumtree (for furniture), WeBuyBooks (for, well, books) and Ziffit (for media).


Renting Your Stuff

This is a new idea to me and I haven’t tried it but I LOVE the idea of it.  Obviously I have been aware of AirBnB for renting out your property for while but renting out individual things is a whole new world.


I found out about it when a friend of mine told me that she was trying to sell her crosstrainer.  She had been contacted by a company called Fat Llama.  I said I would look into for her.  Mostly because I was curious about the idea.


Basically this company acts as a mediator between people who have stuff to rent and those who want them.  They offer insurance for your things and provide a site to list your items on and handle payments.


They claim that you can rent out anything on there.  I would say that they provide a platform to rent anything but the demand for some stuff is probably not there.  However, I can see how this would work for some items.


I would say that if you are someone who has a shed full of hardly used specialist tools then you might be able to make some money.  Or maybe you have a lot of camping equipment but only go twice a year.


Take a look at their website and see what you think.  I’d love to hear from anyone who has tried it, and I’ll let you know once I’ve tried it out myself.


Reviewing Your Stuff

There are a couple of ways to do this: a) using an app or b) through your own platform.  The latter is probably the easiest, but you can make money both ways.


Swagbucks is a catch-all for this one.  They regularly offer payments for completing reviews about various brands and products.  Yes, it is not as simple as deciding you want to write about something and doing it.  You’ll have to wait until a survey comes up about something you are able to review.


Starting your own blog would give you the freedom to write about what you like and the chance to make money from it.  There are many sites around that are purely dedicated to this and they make good money.


With a blog you have a couple of choices about how you monetise your review.  You could use affiliate links.  You hope that people are inspired by your review enough to buy the products themselves and they follow a link that make you money.


You could approach the manufacturer and see if they will sponsor you to write a post about that product.  If they like you and you fit their branding they may well agree to this.


Alternatively, you could flip the idea on its head and ask for the products in exchange for the review.  If there are products that you are considering buying then you contact a company and ask if they would be willing to send you the item in exchange for a write up.  Naturally this won’t work every time but you might get lucky.


Photographing Your Stuff

If your home is full of pretty things and you’ve got an eye for photography, then this could be the one for you.  Selling photos is a great way to make passive income.


Businesses and website owners are always looking for images to enhance their materials and content.  To avoid people from seeing the same free images used over and over, many are willing to pay for new and unique images that match what they are trying to promote.


Therefore, a few cleverly positioned items taken in good lighting could provide you with a source of income.  The more pictures you take the higher your potential return.


There are several website around where you can upload your photos for sale.  Shutterstock is the one that I am most familiar with.  You upload your images and they pay you every time someone downloads one.  You can earn up to $1.88 (approximately £1.40) for each one.


The great thing about this is that once they’re uploaded, that’s it!  You can potentially make money from them forever with little to no input from you.  The best way to make money!


Use Your Stuff To Make More Stuff

Some of my stuff is purely there for entertainment or out of necessity.  However, there are many items that I bought because they could serve me in some way.  My laptop is a great example of this.


I bought my laptop when I decided I wanted to start this blog.  It was my intention that this laptop would enable me to make money in the future.  I have used laptop to make thousands of pounds now, and it has paid for itself many times over.


My sewing machine is another example of this.  I bought it because I wanted to learn how to sew and also use it to repair clothes and make things.  I’ve saved so much money by repairing and making things that it has probably saved what it has cost me.


But my sewing machine has the potential to make me money too.  I’ve made a few things with it that I have been able to sell.  (Mostly to friends and family because I lack the confidence in my own ability, but that’s another story.)  If I wanted to, I could have pursued this and started making items to sell for a profit.

When it comes to craft stuff, you could easily turn these from hobby items into money spinners.  A little determination and an Etsy shop could see you on your way to a side hustle that is both profitable and enjoyable.


What could you do to make money from your stuff?


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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  1. Really good ideas here! I agree it’s important to regularly go through the things in your home every few months to declutter. Just had a massive declutter and got rid of over 200 things in one day! x

  2. peterhorsfieldcfp

    Also called “Pimping it!”…

    Show me the mooooney!
    Say it!
    Show me da mooooney!
    What? .. ok!
    Showing you the money!
    Show ME da Money!
    Shoooow meeee Daaaa Moooney!

    Yep! Thank you

  3. I have not tried selling my stuff yet but I have been hearing about companies buying used/new clothes that I’m interested in checking out. Great tips. I will look into them and see which I can apply to make extra cash. Thanks.

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