Grow New Food From The Food In Your Fridge

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Recently, I found myself wanting to fill my home with house plants.  I think that a large part of this was social media and I was being severely influenced.


Anyway in my pursuit of cheap house plant solutions, if found that there are a whole load of foods that you can grow from the food you already have.  The ultimate frugal living and eco-friendly pastime.


These can be split into two categories: grown from seeds and grown from scraps.  If you fancy, going down this route too then I’ve compiled this list for you with links to step-by-step instructions to make it super easy for you.


Grow new food from seeds

These foods will be grown from seeds, so you might need a bit of equipment.  But with a few pots, some soil and a watering can, you can turn your home into a mini-farm and save money on food.



grow new food tomatoes

You have a choice here.  You can grow full-sized tomatoes or the simple cherry tomato.  Use whatever you have leftover in your fridge.  You can even eat most of the fruit and just save a few seeds from each one for planting.


Learn how to grow your tomatoes from seeds here.


Peppers and chillies

The best bit about growing peppers and chillies is that they are easy.  You don’t eat the seeds either so you can save and plant them straight away and there are loads of them in each fruit.  These are a real staple in our house so we would need a lot of plants.


Learn how to grow your peppers and chillies here.


Citrus fruits

grow new food lemons

How cool would it be to have your own citrus fruit trees?  Perhaps you could have them sitting in your conservatory or your porch, if you are lucky enough to have either of those.  You have a choice of lemons, limes and oranges here, so choose carefully or grow one of each if you’ve got the space.


Learn how to grow your lemons, limes and oranges.



If you call yourself a millennial, then you need to be growing an avocado tree.  Endless, on tap avocados.  You can grow this from those giant avocado seeds that you find in the middle and the process is not that difficult.


Learn how to grow an avocado tree.



Personally, I’m not a big fan of cherries and that’s mostly because of the annoying pip.  But I am a fan of cherry trees that look absolutely stunning in the spring.  I’d love to have a couple of cherry trees in my garden and the bonus fruit would be fun too.


Learn how to grow a cherry tree.


Sesame seeds

Not found in your fridge, but you might have a packet of these hidden in the back of your cupboard.  They are used a lot in Chinese and Thai cooking, and we love them so the idea of growing our own is exciting.  Although, I must confess that I had to Google what the plant looked like.


Learn how to grow your own sesame plant.


Grow new food from leftovers

The following are even easier to grow than the ones above.  They regrow from the bits that you don’t eat and normally only require a bit of water.  You’ll get the results much quicker too as you’re not starting from scratch.


Spring onions

This is the vegetable that started this mild obsession for me.  I can only eat the green bit of spring onions so this is perfect for me.  I leave the white bits to regrow green bits.


Learn how to regrow spring onions.



grow new food leeks

If you are big fan of leek and potato soup, or just love them with your roast on a Sunday then you’ll want to get to work on this one.  A lifetime supply of leeks grown on your kitchen windowsill.


Learn how to regrow leeks.



We are quite partial to a bit of celery in this house, particularly with some fresh houmous.  Just like with spring onions and leeks, you can regrow celery in the same way.


Learn to regrow celery here.



grow new food garlic

I always need more garlic so I’m excited to start planting some cloves and turning it into more garlic.  I can’t eat garlic unfortunately but I love turning it into garlic oil for my spaghetti Bolognese and roast potatoes.


Learn to grow your own garlic.


Sweet potatoes

Another amazing veggie that you can get started in a pot of water.  Then you can spend your time fantasising about all the sweet potato-based recipes you can make.


Learn to grow your own sweet potatoes.



grow new food lettuce

You can regrow lettuce in water too.  You’ll have fresh leafy greens to bulk up your salads in no time with this method.


Learn to regrow lettuce.


Bok choy

Ok.  I actually had to Google what bok choy was.  Turns out I’ve been eating it for a while without knowing the name of it.  Anyway, happy to now know that it too can be regrown.


Learn how to regrow bok choy.



When you’ve got kids that are addicted to pesto, then you need a near-constant supply of basil.  This is a fantastic way to make sure that you have healthy stock levels.


Learn to grow your own basil.



grow new food mushrooms

Last but least, do you fancy growing your own fungus?  The best bit about mushrooms is that they like dark, cold and damp conditions which means that you can grow them anywhere in the UK.


Learn how to grow mushrooms.


What are you going to grow first?

You can grow the whole lot if you want, but it might be a good idea to start with one of two and build up.  You don’t want your partner returning to work one day to find their house turned into a jungle of crops.

grow new food

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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  1. Thank you for this awesome post. I always wish to grow more of our own food… but then rarely actually do it. I will be pinning this so I can go back and check on some of them, even if we just start with a couple of plants!

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