Frugal Friday Five – Money Making Apps – 28th September 2018

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For me, making money is a big part of a frugal lifestyle.  I care about the money that comes my way and I intend to put it to good use.  I am particularly fond of making money on necessities such as food shopping, utility bills or clothes.  In some ways you could consider these money SAVING ideas, but I like to think of them as a bonus as that forces me to get the lowest price in the first place.  With that in mind, I have become keen on money making apps this week.  Both those that are fairly passive and others that require a bit more input.  Therefore, when I was looking for a theme for this week I quickly landed on “money making apps”.  Here are my five favourites:


Tesco Clubcard

I have had my Clubcard for years but only recently have I got the app.  For me the app is a bit of a game changer.  It makes keeping track and spending your points so much easier.  Plus, you can get many of the vouchers straight to the app and spend them from there.  Clubcard points have given us so many free days out and meals as a family.  They are so easy to earn, as you just use your card every time you shop in Tesco.  They’ve even introduced a new feature which is called “faster vouchers”.  This means that you no longer have to wait to access your points.  I love this because it means we can get the rewards much sooner.



I’ve removed this app as it is no longer an app that I recommend you use.  I wouldn’t want you to be misled!



I signed up to Swagbucks a long time ago but two kids, a job and a host of side hustles meant that this one was a bit neglected.  However, this week I have launched myself back into it.  This is mostly thanks to their app.  Swagbucks give you points for answering surveys, watching videos and playing games amongst other things.  These points can then be traded for gift cards (Amazon, M&S etc) or PayPal credit.  I’m yet to receive a payout but accumulating the Swagbucks (SB) is fairly easy.  And I’ll be cashing out the Amazon vouchers at the first opportunity to put towards the kids’ Christmas presents.  You can sign up here and start earning Swagbucks straight away.


Gourmet Burger Kitchen

We went for a rare meal out this week.  (Yes, I know that’s not very frugal of me!)  Whenever we go for a meal out I always try to get some money off or some thing for free.  On that day we fancied a burger so I loaded up my GBK app.  On that visit we had qualified for a free side.  Not much but it was enjoyed none the less.  We make sure to use apps like this on all restaurant visits possible.  They make a big difference in the long run.  Not technically making money but making milkshakes??



I love Quidco!  Hence I couldn’t let this go past without mentioning it.  I’m still waiting on a £30 payout from Quidco so I am checking the app every day.  I haven’t really needed to buy anything recently but with Christmas coming I’m sure that that cashback will start rolling in soon.  If you are still to sign up, you can follow my link and get an extra £10 cashback, or check out my guide to getting started.


If you are looking for more ideas, I recommend you check out this article from Grainne at WannaBeDebtFree.


What have you done?

You’ve heard from me but I’d love to take further inspiration from you.  Let me know what you’ve been up to.  Or, like me, you can link up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky.


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

Frugal Friday Five - Money Making Apps. This week I have a roundup of all my favourite money making apps. Earning money from your phone is a great way to boost your income and get debt free. #moneymaking #moneysaving #debtfree #budget

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