Frugal Five Five – The Best Frugal Ideas So Far – 14th September

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As the title says I’ve decided to make this week’s post a bit of a roundup  from my Frugal Friday Five posts so far.  Although I think I have done many good things each week the following are, in my opinion,  the best frugal ideas I have had so far.


Packing a picnic – 3rd August

As I have a lovely(!) selection of dietary requirements I’m quite used to packing a picnic whenever we head off on family adventures. Today, however, it was a bit of a mad rush to get out of the door to go fruit picking with some friends. The temptation was certainly there to make the decision to go the farm cafe but I chose to make some cheese twists at the last minute. Although this added to the last minute panic I did enjoy packing up our U Konserve tins and Klean Kanteen bottles. No waste from us, thank you!


Packing a picnic is a go-to money saver for me!  We take picnics everywhere and this always prevents the temptation to eat out.


Signed up to Shoppix – 17th August

After posting on Instagram that I was completing all the surveys on the bottom of my receipts, someone asked if I had signed up to Shoppix.  I hadn’t!  But I have now.  Shoppix is an app where you upload your receipts for market research purposes and in exchange they give you points back.  Once you have enough points you can get Amazon vouchers or PayPal etc.  Yes it isn’t big money but you can do it quickly after each shop and let the points build slowly.  If you fancy it, you can sign up here and use my referral code (2T28CJN4) and we will both get an extra 200 points.


Since I wrote this I have received my first payout.  It took me less than a month to earn my first £5 and I now have that money sitting in my Amazon account waiting to be spent.


Job Spotter by Indeed – 24th August

This is another great app find.  The way it works is you take pictures of job adverts that you see in shop windows.  You snap a picture of the advert and a picture of the shop front.  Both of these are uploaded and you receive points based on various criteria.  For example, those adverts from independent shop windows will get you more points than from a chain.  These points convert into money which you can withdraw as Amazon vouchers.  There are no minimum withdrawal limits so I withdraw ASAP and add them to my Amazon account immediately.  I’ve been using this app a lot this week and am saving the vouchers for Christmas.


I’ve snapped a few job adverts over the last couple of weeks and have made about £4-5 in Amazon vouchers.  I’ve not been paying much attention to this one recently.  But if you live or work in big city I reckon there’s good money to be had here.


Ziffit – 31st August

I have spent this summer trying to sell old academic textbooks.  These were leftover from my studying days and I’ve moved them from classroom to classroom with the view that I might use them again.  Well, I’m not!  I stuck them on eBay to start with.  Some sold and I made about £40.  But these, they’ve been relisting for weeks so I decided to find a new way to move them on.  That’s when I decided to see how much they’d be worth on the Ziffit app.  You basically scan in your books, they tell you how much they will give you and then you box them up and take them to a collection point.  I did this for three books and they’ve offered me about £8.  That’s three more books that I don’t have to dust.


After I wrote this it took about a week for my books to be checked and payment to come through.  That money is now sitting in my savings account.  I much prefer looking at that than some old uni textbooks.


YouGov Surveys – 7th September

I started doing surveys with YouGov ages ago.  I did them all the time for a while but then things got busy at home so I eased off.  But recently I’ve got back into them.  The way it works is that you get points for completing a survey.  Once you get to 5000 points you get £50.  From my experience you can get between 25-200 points per survey but the average (mode to be precise) is 50 points for each one.  So it’s not a lot of money but I’m not far off my payout now so it’s getting a little exciting.  If you fancy having a go you can sign up here.


I’m still going strong with this one.  And I’m getting closer and closer to my pay out.  


What have you done?

You’ve heard from me but I’d love to take further inspiration from you.  Let me know what you’ve been up to.  Or, like me, you can link up with CassEmma and Becky in this week’s ‘Five Frugal things I’ve done this week’ linky.


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.


Frugal Friday Five - My Best Frugal Ideas So Far! Take a look at my favourites from the series. #frugalliving #moneysaving

Posted by Charlotte Jessop


sell those books!! haha great read 🙂

Charlotte Jessop

Thank you!

I’ve never heard of YouGov surveys or the Job Spotter app but I’m going to look into them now! Thanks!

Charlotte Jessop

They won’t earn you mega money but it all adds up!

I wasn’t aware of any of these! Going to give them a go – thanks! The frugal thing that’s been a game changer for me is meal planning for the week ahead. No more “what can I cook for dinner” moments and it also means that there’s no food waste which saves on the pennies.

Charlotte Jessop

I love meal planning! My grocery bill is now less than half of what it was because of meal planning.


Some great tips to be wiser with money.

Charlotte Jessop

That’s what I do!

Cool! I just downloaded Job Spotter! Thanks!

Charlotte Jessop

Excellent! Happy snapping!

Thanks, for sharing these tips! I will have to try out Shoppix. I really like Ibotta and Ebates too! I’m not sure if you have ever heard of those!

Charlotte Jessop

We don’t have Ibotta and Ebates in the UK but we have similar things.

Jen @ Jenron Designs

These are all great money saving tips, some that I have never heard of! Congratulations of sells those books that is really great news!

Charlotte Jessop

I’m glad that I’ve sold the books too! I much prefer the space they’ve left than the books themselves.

I didn’t realize there is such an app like Shoppix! Do you think it’s valid in UK as well ?

Charlotte Jessop

I am in the UK so definitely!

Tracy @ Cleland Clan

We almost always take a picnic when we’re traveling. It’s so nice to get off the road at a rest stop and let the kids (or grandkids now) run around. Around here, the Shopkick app is big. I don’t live in town though, so I haven’t used it much.

Great tips! I’ve never heard of a couple of those sites/apps but I will definitely check it out.

I hadn’t heard of any of these, but can’t wait to check them out. Thanks for the recommendations. We are finding we are more frugal when we make an effort to cook an extra meal at home. When we have extra in the freezer for another night, we spend less going out to eat.

I love the idea about the picnic!! As well as the surveys!! Always love my surveys!!

Oh I love the picnic idea and the surveys! I am always a big fan of surveys!

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