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Free Postcode Lottery? | Is Pick My Postcode legit?

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Pick My Postcode (formerly known as Free Postcode Lottery) is exact that. It is a lottery that costs you nothing to enter and you can win real cah prizes.

But I get that it sounds too good to be true. You’re sceptical. Hopefully I can convince you that this might be worth looking into.

What is Pick My Postcode?

It is a super simple concept. Everyday there are multiple prizes available. For some prizes, you might have to watch a video or complete a short survey. After doing this, it will unlock the winning postcode.

If your postcode is unlocked then you win. But if someone else in your postcode also claims the prize then you will split it with them.

The prizes reset at 12 noon every day and you have 24 hours to claim them. Therefore logging into the website daily is a must otherwise you might miss out on the day your postcode wins.

If a prize is unclaimed, it rolls over to the the following day. The biggest prize ever won was £2,500. This has happened a few times in the history of the website.

How do you sign up to Pick My Postcode?

Signing up is easy. Follow this link to get started. All you need is an email address and a postcode. Enter these details and then you will be asked a series of questions about your marketing preferences and interests. If you don’t want to receive any emails, then this is your opportunity to turn them off.

With all of that complete, you will be on the website and ready to click through and complete the tasks for each draw. Make sure that you check in everyday for your chance to win.

What happens if you win?

If your postcode is the winning post for that day, you must also visit the website too. If you don’t check the website and your postcode comes up, you don’t get the money.

But if you have done both of these things, then a box will appear saying “Collect”. You have a choice of receiving your winnings into your PayPal account or via Amazon Gift Card. If you are feeling particularly generous, then there is the option to donate your winnings to charity. If you do this, Pick My Postcode will double it.

Is it legit?

Yes! Not only has Pick My Postcode been featured and endorsed by Money Saving Expert, but I’ve also personally spoken to the owner. He reassured me that Pick My Postcode will always be a free postcode lottery. Even though there are ads all over the site, you do not have to click on them to benefit from the site.

In terms of your data, it is is secure. You automaically get signed up to receive a daily email remonder, but this can be switched off. I have never received any other communications from Pick My Postcode outside of this.

How to they keep it a FREE postcode lottery?

This is what I particularly love about this platform. They have taken a simple idea and made it free using advertising. The winnings are paid for by companies that want to advertise on the site.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on your potential winnings, you have to check back to the website every day. This means that it make it a great place for companies to advertise their products. Pick My Postcode then pass some of the money they in ad revenue on as the daily prizes. It is a really clever system.

Are there alternatives to this free postcode lottery?

In terms of FREE postcode lotteries, no! Well not, as far as I can tell. There are other postcode lotteries out there, but these will cost you money to access. They are basically gambling. Make sure that you are signing up to the right platform. This is the link for Pick My Postcode.

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