Kitchen Organisation For The Eco-Friendly Home

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Who doesn’t love an organised kitchen eh?  Knowing where everything is and being able to lay your hands on it quickly.


You can do this with an eco-friendly kitchen too.  There are lots of ways you can organise your kitchen to be efficient whilst using eco-friendly products and solution.


I’ve used a lot of different ideas in my kitchen before I found those that were the most sustainable and beneficial to me.  Check them out.


Jars are brilliant.  You can use them for storing and freezing food as well as for your shopping.  In the zero waste movement jars are a big deal.


When it comes to organisation, you can easily store dried foods in cupboards, which makes it easier to see what you need.


You can also take your clean jars to a zero-waste shop and avoid packaging too.  There are lots of these about so do a Google search in your local area to find your nearest one.



Again, another great way to store food.  A wicker basket placed in a cupboard is a beautiful solution for keeping your food tidy.


You can also have them out on your worktops for storing utensils or even as a food bowl.  There are far better than the plastic alternatives which will ultimately end up in landfill.


Meal planners

Although this isn’t a storage solution, it is part of turning your kitchen into an organised and eco-friendly space by reducing waste.


Using a meal plan means that you know what food you and your family need.  Then you buy that food and reduce the need to throw any away.


We use a wipeable meal planner or a piece of paper (that we recycle afterwards).  You can get your hands on my printable meal planners here.


Waste systems

It is hard in today’s society to live truly zero-waste, but you can manage your waste systems to ensure that less goes to landfill.


We have a compost bin in our garden, so we have a small bin indoors that we use for items that can go in there.  We also have a food waste bin that is collected by our local council for items that can’t go in the compost bin.


In addition to these, we have separate bins for recycling and general waste.  We found that once we introduced this bin system, we were better at making sure the waste went to the right place and our general waste went down.

Fresh herb rack

Growing your own herbs indoors is fabulous.  I’ve been growing herbs on my windowsill for years but I’m going to invest in a herb rack when I get a chance.


This makes it easier to access my herbs and frees up my windowsill so that I can look out into my garden when I am washing up.


What are your eco-friendly kitchen organisation top tips?

Do you have any great solutions for the eco-friendly kitchen?  I have a list of items that we have introduced that will help you.  Have a read of this:  16 essentials for an eco-friendly kitchen.



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