Curve: simple spending and cashback [AD]

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I have been a Curve cardholder for a while now and I think that it is time that I told you all about it. Not only does it offer a tonne of convenience but it could just save you some money too. Double win eh?

Plus, if you sign up using my link, then you bag yourself a free £5 straight into your Curve Cash to spend however you like, wherever you like.

What are the perks of getting your Curve card?

By now you are probably intrigued about what this card can offer, so let me deep dive into some of the perks and benefits.

You’ll only need one card

First up, let’s talk about convenience. If you are anything like me then you have a purse full of credit and debit cards. I have one for my current account, a credit card for petrol and food shopping, there’s my business bank account, and then one that I get my side hustle money paid into. Honestly, it is chaotic.

Curve combines all of these cards into one. Yup, one card. You link all your cards via the Curve app and then just carry your Curve card with you instead. When you are out and about you can switch between the cards you want to pay with via the app, but use your Curve card instead.

This means one card, one PIN, and one significantly lighter purse.

1% cashback for the first 30 days

Now if that wasn’t enough to convince you, then how about 1% cashback on all purchases with your Curve card for the first 30 days. “How does that work?” I hear you say. Let me explain.

So you go about doing your normal shopping and paying with your Curve card. For those first 30 days, they’ll put 1% of everything you spend back into your Curve Cash. This is just a virtual wallet that you can spend using your Curve card.

The best bit is that you get an additional 30 days of cashback for every friend that you refer. More referred friends = more cashback.

£5 reward when you sign-up

This one is super exclusive but well worth having amirite? If you sign-up via this exclusive link, then you will receive an additional £5 into your Curve Cash after you make your first transaction. You don’t need to wait for your card to arrive either. Just download the app and get spending. You will then be credited with your £5 and this can then be spent however you like.

Up to 20% cashback with Curve Rewards

In case you weren’t satisfied with that 1% cashback, you can also get personalised cashback offers of up to 20% via Curve Rewards. This rewards you for spending in certain shops or restaurants.

My personal favourites include Deliveroo and Gotta save on the things that you love and I love food and travel.

Fantastic for travel

Talking of travel, your Curve card makes a great travel companion. In addition to the cashback you get through places like and Expedia, it also offers great exchange rates and free ATM withdrawals (limits apply) whilst abroad.

Switch payment card if you mess up

This might be my favourite feature (yes, maybe even better than all the free money I’ve mentioned already), but you can switch where the payments come out of AFTER you have paid them.

Let me explain. Let’s say you make a payment with your Curve card and then afterward realise that you wanted it to come out of your business account rather than your personal account, you can just switch it over. Or perhaps you popped it on your joint account rather than your personal one. You just log into the app and move it.

Choice of three different cards

The standard Curve Blue card is completely free. It gives you all the functionality that I mentioned above, but if you want a little more from Curve then you have two upgrade options. Firstly, there is Curve black which is £9.99 per month and includes worldwide travel insurance and unlimited access to fair foreign exchange rates.

If you fancy being part of the Curve elite though, you’ll want a Curve Metal card. For £14.99 a month, you get everything on the Blue and Black cards, plus mobile phone insurance, worldwide airport LoungeKey access, rental car collision waiver insurance, and the super fancy metal card in one of three colours.

How I am using my Curve card

Well, I am using it just as above. I’ve linked all my cards to it and when I am making purchases I use my Curve card instead.

Plus, every now and then I head into Curve Rewards and check to see if there is any additional cashback at the places that I love to shop and activate that. Honestly, it is simple, low maintenance, and puts money back in my pocket.

How to sign up

Sign-up is simple. Just follow this link (to make sure you get that bonus fiver) and follow the instructions. The process goes like this:

  1. Download the app
  2. Complete the details
  3. Order your Curve card
  4. Add your cards to the app
  5. Receive and activate your Curve card
  6. Get spending

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to simplify your spending and save some money?

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  1. Curve is fantastic – I use it every day and find it really improved how I think about spending and makes my life simpler.

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