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Best Investing Apps UK for beginner, intermediate, and experienced investors

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Investing apps have flooded the market. Each offers something a little different to entice people in. In this article, I will run through the best investing apps in the UK, giving you the headlines on features and fees.

It has never been easier to start investing. There are more and more platforms popping up, more YouTube videos to show you how, and there are even some platforms that allow you to start with as little as £1.

Best investing apps in the UK for beginner investors

These are the best investing apps in the UK for those that are just starting out. They either have limited options for simple decision making or low initial investments, so you can start small and build your confidence.


Choose to save with Plum rather than invest
Plum offers a range of different ways to save and invest
Upgrade to Plum Plus to invest

Who is Plum good for?

Plum is a super simple app, with the benefit that they allow you to invest with just £1. The app itself can help you to save money by analysing your spending and working out how much you can afford. If you want to access their investing options, you’ll need to upgrade to Plum Plus which costs £1/month.

Plum Features

Start investing with as little as £1

Authorisied and regulated by FCA

Range of funds with different objectives and risk levels

Ethical fund option

Plum fees

£1/month fee to access investing options

Additional 0.15% fee on total investment amount

Fund fees between 0.06-0.90%


The Wealthify dashboard
The range of different account types with Wealthify
Choose from the original or ethical theme

Who is Wealthify good for?

Wealthify is a really easy apps without too many choices. You can invest from just £1 and you get to chose your risk level. Plus they have an ethical option too.

Wealthify Features

Choice of general investment account, S&S ISA, pension or junior S&S ISA

Range of five risk levels determine by short quiz

Invest with just £1 (£50 for pension)

FCA regulated

Covered by FSCS

Wealthify Fees

Annual account fee of 0.6%

Fund charge of 0.16% for original plan and 0.56% for ethical

No fees for withdrawals


Who is Wealthsimple good for?

There are no minimum investments on Wealthsimple (aside for on their socially responsible portfolio) meaning that it could be a great option for those looking to start small. They have three risk levels available: conservative, balanced and growth. Plus a choice of different account types.

Wealthsimple features

No minimum investment (socially responsible is £5,000)

A tailored portfolio to your lifestyle

Choice of S&S ISA, Junior S&S ISA, pension and general investment account

FCA regulated

Protected by FCSC

Wealthsimple fees

Annual account fees range from 0.5-0.7%

Additional charges apply

Best investing apps in the UK for intermediate investors


Who is Moneybox good for?

Moneybox has a great feature called “round-up” that rounds up your purchases and invests the difference. It makes investing super simple. You can start investing with £1 and choose your risk level. You also have the option to open a cash lifetime ISA. It has only made it into this group because of the choice of investments available.

Moneybox features

Invest your spare change with round-up function

Start with just £1

Range of risk levels to choose from

Account choices include: S&S ISA, Lifetime S&S ISA, Junior ISA, Pension and general investment account

Choose from a range of tracker funds

Moneybox fees

£1/month for investing

0.45% on total investment value annual

No fees for saving

Fund fees range from 0.12% – 0.3%


The range of investor profiles with Moneyfarm
Moneyfarm fees
An example of a portfolio breakdown with Moneyfarm

Who is Moneyfarm good for?

Moneyfarm doesn’t seem to get the same attention as other apps, but it does have lots to offer. It is particularly good for those that want an investment option that is tailored to them. The app asks you some questions and tailors a portfolio to you.

Moneyfarm Features

Lesser know investing app

Fully-managed portfolios

App tailors your profile based on your experience investing and attitude to risk

High initial investment required. Either £1,500 plus £100 a month, or £5,000.

Choice of account options including Stocks & Shares ISA, Pension, and a general investment account

Can request investment advice if needed

Moneyfarm Fees

Management fee between 0.35%-0.75%

Fund fee 0.2%

Transaction costs up to 0.09%

Use code MF357957 when signing up to get £5,000 managed free of charge for six months.


Who is Nutmeg good for?

Nutmeg are fairly well-known in the investment app world. They offer a range of investment styles including a socially responsible option. The downside is that they require a minimum investment of £500.

Nutmeg features:

Large range of portfolio options

Choice of S&S ISA, Lifetime S&S ISA, Junior ISA and general investment account

Four investment styles to choose from: socially responsible, fixed allocatio, smart alpha, and fully managed

Range of portfolios with these styles

FCA regulated

FSCS protected

Nutmeg fees

Account fee ranges from 0.25%-0.75% (depending on portfolio choice)

Additional fund fees

Best investing apps in the UK for experienced investors

These apps give you access to a larger range of stocks and ETFs, so that you can build your own portfolios as you see fit. You will need to determine your own risk levels and choose asset options accordingly. They may also offer CFDs (contracts for differences), which you will need to look out for as approximately 67% of people that use them lose money.


The trading page on the Etoro app
The main page when you load eToro
Copytrading feature on eToro

Who is eToro good for?

eToro has a large range of assets and is therefore good for those that are more experienced investors and want to expand and diversify their portfolios through different assets.

eToro features

Large range of assets including stocks, ETFs, commodities, crypto and currencies.

0% commission

No management fees

Available in multiple countries

Social investing – meaning that you can interact with other investors through the app

Protected by FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme)

Regulated by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority

Copytrading feature allows you to copy the investing strategies of others.

eToro fees

0% commission on stocks

$5 withdrawal fee

$10/month inactivity fee after 12 months

Other fees apply to non-stock assets


What you see when you load the Trading212 app
Look deeper into your portfolio on Trading212
Share your link with friends as you both get a share worth up to £100

Who is Trading212 good for?

Trading212 is a simple app that gives you access to a range of UK and US stocks and ETFs. Therefore if you have a particular stock or ETF that you want to invest in then this could be a great option.

Trading212 features

Free share worth up to £100 when you sign up with this link

Large range of assets in both UK and US

Free trading

Choice of general investment account or S&S ISA

Pie feature easy investing in a range of assets

Trading 212 fees

Free trading, ISA and deposits via bank transfer

Free deposits via credit/debit card up to £2,000 (0.7% thereafter)

Use this link to get your free share when signing up. In case it doesn’t show up, you can enter this promo code.


Monitor your portfolio on Freetrade
See the breakdown of your Freetrade portfolio
What is available if you upgrade to Freetrade Plus

Who is Freetrade good for?

FreeTrade is good for those wanting more choice in their investments without high fees. They offer a good range of UK and US stocks and ETFs. Plus a free share worth up to £200, when you sign up with the link.

Freetrade features

Good refer a friend scheme (get a share each worth up to £200)

No fees for general investing accounts

Stocks and shares ISA available

Good range of UK and US stocks and ETFs

Regulated by FCA

Protected by FCSC

Freetrade fees

Free trades

Stocks and shares ISA £3/month

Freetrade plus £9.99/month

Other investment options

These are just some of the options available in the UK for those looking to invest. Do your research and decide which one is right for you. This article is not financial advice. It is a guide to the services that are available to you.

Remember that when investing your capital is at risk. That means that the money you put in can go down as well as up. Make sure you are comfortable with the risks before you start.

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