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Why Autumn Is The Perfect Time To Save

Although now it may feel as though we are still deep in the throes of summer (as a teacher I am acutely aware of this), autumn is not too far away.  This may seem like a negative but autumn is a magical time of year and it also presents the perfect opportunity to save some money.   For those of us who enjoy a frugal lifestyle, we need to take every opportunity to keep hold of our pennies.  Take a look at my ways to save money in autumn:   Can’t read it now?  Pin for later!      Long walks Spend your time enjoying the changing seasons.  Autumn is a great time to watch the changes in the trees and plants.  It is also a good time of year to catch the sunrise and sunset as the two draw closer together, meaning that you don’t have to get up early or…

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Christmas is coming! Is your budget ready?

The Sun is shining, my front lawn has dried to a crisp, and we’ve just had the Summer Solstice so I am asking you this question: “are you financially prepared for Christmas?”  Yes, I’m being serious!   The big day is less than six months away and with only five paydays (or less) to go, it is important to start making plans.  Christmas is a big financial event and for many people, it is a time when they find themselves going into debt or even further into debt.  For the sake of one day!  That happens every year!   Luckily there are some steps you can take now to soften the blow and stop December from becoming overly stressful and overly expensive.   Work out the total cost of Christmas Your first step is to work out exactly what Christmas is going to cost.  This means the whole of Christmas!  Not…

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Tidying-Up Your Finances: How An Unlikely Book Can Change Your Relationship With Money

I might have a mild obsession with books that promise to be books that promise to be life-changing.  I believe every one of them.  I get sucked in.  I do all the things they tell me, then convince other people that they need to read them too.  I’m always slightly disappointed when other people don’t experience the same earth-shattering revelations that I do. They should!   When I reflect on some of these books, I realise that not all of them were maybe sensible.  With many of them I, did not need my life changed in that way.  It was actually fine already.  Most of these sorts of books are not even good.  Some of them are short, poorly-written and with little substance.   One book is different though.  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo did actually change my life.  Well, at least it changed how I view…

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Things You Buy Every Week That I Don’t!

Have you ever taken a look at your shopping list and thought “why am I buying all this stuff?”  Every week we buy items that we think we need.  Well, you do!  I stopped buying many of these items because I realised they were expensive and unnecessary purchases.  If you want to save money, live the frugal lifestyle and be super eco-friendly then take a look at these things you need to stop buying. Can’t read it now?  Pin it for later! Related posts: Extremely Frugal? Would you go THIS far? 16 Essentials For An Eco-Friendly Kitchen   1. Bin liners This is the most recent item to be removed from our shopping list.  The day I realised I was buying these bags just to throw them away was the day I vowed to stop buying them.  And we did.   Now we just throw our rubbish straight into the…

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This Is Why You Are Poor

If you are one of those people that finds themselves forever without money, then this post might just be what you need to read.  In my experience, there are several reasons why people fail to improve their financial circumstances and it is not always about earning potential or getting a raise.  I have found myself in many of the situations below in the past so I can completely empathise.  Have a look!  Do any of these sound like you?  Are you fed up of being poor?   Related posts: Extremely Frugal? Would you go THIS far? 10 things you can do to save money this month and every month   You don’t understand money This one might not entirely be your fault.  I’d say that the average person in the UK understands very little about money.  We know that we need it to buy stuff and that we can get…

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