Do you think that that you are rubbish with money?

Do you find yourself regularly backing out of money making opportunities?

Are there pars of your finances that scare you?

Or are there some things that you are just too afraid to even look into?

Can you imagine thinking positively about all areas of your finances?

If you answered YES to these questions, then you are going to want to read every single word of this letter, because what I’m going to share with you has the power to completely change your money mindset forever.

I first heard the term money mindset about 5 years ago. I prioritised working on it and the results were huge.

I went from full-time teacher, to part-time teacher, to full-time travelling with my family around the world and now I work full-time on my business that started as a side hustle. Furthermore, my income has increased 6x year on year for the last three years.

Focusing on improving my money mindset opened me up to better ways of managing my money and for creating new income sources. As a result, I’ve learnt to value my work, welcome money making opportunities into my life, and address my fears and worries around my finances.

Imagine if…
You could undercover the subconscious feelings that are holding you back financially
You could discover your money fears and address them
You could rewire your self-talk to build your money confidence
You could learn to embrace an abundant life

I don’t want you to go through the lengthy research process I went through to learn how to improve my money mindset. This is why I have created a programme to kickstart your journey:

Discover your underlying thoughts and feelings about money

Set a course of action to challenge your money fears

Challenge your lack mindset and open yourself up to abundance

Develop a long term journal practice that sets you lifelong mindset work

44-page workbook
7 worksheets to dive deep into your money mindset
Reflection pages to track your progress
21-day money mindset journal prompts
Exclusive welcome video

Reprint as needed
BONUS Positive Money Affirmations Audio file


However, I am offering the first 100 people who buy this 30% with the code, IWASFIRST. Grab yours at now to avoid disappointment.

After you click buy, you will be taken to the product page. From here, you can complete your purchase and a short while later you will receive an email containing the workbook, video, and audio file. Please check your spam and junk folders.

Final word
I cannot wait for you to start this workbook and begin your lifelong journey to a better money mindset. This really is the key to truly realising your financial potential. Without it you are just fighting against yourself.

Obviously, you could attempt to do this work yourself, unstructured. That’s what I did. You could read multiple books trying to figure out the best way to tackle your money mindset and unravel these subconscious thoughts.

Or you could buy The Money Mindset Manual and get started now.

Thank you for your time.

P.S. Money mindset work truly changed my life. It unlocked the power of my money to bring good things to me. I want this for you too and I know that this workbook has the ability to do that.

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