Say Hello to Snoop, the Money-Saving App [AD]

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[AD]  Article written by Snoop.

Great to see that Snoop is now live in the App Store and Play Store, after a successful Beta trial with over 5,000 users.

This free app aims to save the average UK consumer at least £1,500 a year by helping them save on their spending. Just what many people need right now.

Let’s look at how Snoop can help you…

What is the app all about?

For starters, Snoop brings your bank accounts and credit cards together to give you one view of your money. You get to see the balances and transactions across all your connected accounts in one app. Not only is this super-handy, it also allows Snoop to analyse this info to find you smart ways to save.


The app will create a completely tailored feed of money-saving tips for you (called ‘Snoops’), based on where and how you spend. So if there’s a deal you’ve missed at a retailer you already use, a better offer out there, or a smart idea you need to know about, Snoop will show it to you.


Snoop promises to keep an eye on your bills too. The app shows you a list of all your regular payments and bills, indicating whether they’ve gone up or down since your last payment. With features like energy switching already built-in, Snoop can help you switch to save money too.


Why is it called Snoop?

The app is named after the little robot that greets you when you set it up and promises to work for you, 24/7. Snoop is the one finding ways to save you money and keeping a watchful eye on your bills. The name’s memorable and Snoop works well as the friendly face of the app (and the AI that sits behind it). You get the sense that Snoop and the team are always fighting your corner and ‘snooping’ around to see if there are better deals and clever ideas out there for you.


Is it secure?

You link your accounts to Snoop through something called ‘Open Banking’. This uses the latest secure technology and ‘operates to the same high standards of security as your bank’. The website is very clear that Snoop never asks you to share your password or login details with anyone but your own bank. This will give users added reassurance. As will the fact that Snoop is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. All good to know upfront.

What else can the app do?

The ‘Snoop Skills’ section of the website is a handy rundown of all the other features Snoop has right now, including weekly and monthly spending summaries, an annual insurance checker, daily balance alerts and a mobile phone bill monitor. Plus, you can see what’s in the pipeline, including a spending predictor and budgeting tools.


Overall, Snoop’s packed with useful features to help you manage your money and clever ways to help you save on your spending. Perfect timing!

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