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Coping Financially On Maternity Leave

January 21, 2019
coping financially on maternity leave

Finding out you are pregnant should be a happy moment.  It was for us.  But that didn’t mean that we weren’t then later hit by the “oh my goodness!  How are we going to cope financially on maternity leave?” moment.   I was absolutely determined to take a full year off work to spend with my eldest.  To me, I needed to build the foundations of family life.  Plus, I really fancied a year long break away from the stresses of working life.   First time round, we didn’t find money that bad.  We were both working full time so we could put a fair amount aside each week.  Second time round required a bit more thought.   Luckily for me, money is my thing!  Luckily for you, I kept a list.  Here are 17 tips and ideas to ensure you are coping financially on maternity leave:   Can’t read…

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Why You Should Start A Blog

January 18, 2019

My blogging journey started in 2018.  As we are approaching the one year anniversary of Looking After Your Pennies.  I thought I would share you with some reasons why I think you should start a blog too.   I spent most of 2017 telling anyone that would listen about how I wanted to start a personal finance blog.  One day I think my husband just told me to get on and do it if I thought it was such a good idea.  I did and it was.   Can’t read now?  Pin it for later!   Your reason for starting doesn’t need to be because your spouse got tired of your chit chat.  Here are five good reasons to get to it today:   A feeling of accomplishment Owning your own slice of the internet is something quite special.  All of us use the internet everyday for all sorts of…

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How To Make Money From Your Stuff

December 18, 2018

Sometimes when I get bored in the evening, I find myself looking around my living room and wondering what else I can make money from.   About a year ago I went on a huge decluttering regime.  Very little survived the cut, but I was able to make money from the process.  Reviewing each item in turn allowed me to consider its value to me and I came to a brilliant conclusion.  If I didn’t love it, it either had to make money or go or both.   Can’t read it now?  Pin for later!   Selling Your Stuff Now if you are looking around your house and thinking that it is full of things that you haven’t used in a while then sell it.  It’s better than cleaning and dusting it.   This is obviously not a long term and sustainable strategy.  Once you’ve sold all your stuff then…

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Eco Friendly Gifts for Kids

December 8, 2018
eco-friendly gifts for children 2

Choosing gifts for people can be hard enough.  But if you are trying to reduce your impact on the planet, or buying for someone who wants to, what do you buy?  Kids can be particularly difficult in this respect.  Most of them come with a list and it is normally the latest plastic filled craze.  But they are plenty of eco-friendly gifts for kids.   The best bit is that children are the best people to buy eco-friendly gifts for.  They instinctively love animals and nature.  By encouraging them to make environmentally conscious decisions when they are younger, they stand to grow into adults who will fight for it, vote for it and make a difference in the future.   With this in mind here are some of my favourite and recommended brands and products for the Earth-conscious little ones in your lives.  Enjoy! Can’t read it now?  Pin it…

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How Doing Your Own Household Repair Jobs Can Save You Serious Money

November 23, 2018

Our dishwasher broke a little while back.  It was making some funny whirring noises that had the husband and I convinced that it could work, but ultimately left scratching our heads.  Although we are both some what lacking in the DIY and technical skills needed, we LOVE having a go at household repair jobs. Can’t read it now?  Pin for later! The desire to fix our stuff comes from three places:  We don’t like spending money Whether this is on replacement stuff or engineer callouts, if there is a saving to be had we will do it.   We don’t like throwing stuff away The thought of our dishwasher lying in landfill for the rest of time makes me want to cry so we will try and keep things for as long as possible.   We don’t like being the same as everybody else In our minds, most people throw…

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