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UK Money Bloggers’ Christmas Giveaway 2019

December 1, 2019

Yay!  December is here.  This means that I can listen to Christmas tunes constantly for the next 25 days, eat as much as like as long as I follow it up with “it’s Christmas!” and start my Christmas movie binge.   Hopefully by now, you’ve got your Christmas budget sorted and you’ve side hustled your last side hustle for the year.  Perhaps you are one of those organised types who has actually bought wrapped all of their presents already.   Or maybe you are like me, hoping that the kids aren’t going to realise that it is Christmas and that you can delay it until March for a couple of extra months to get organised.   Whatever your situation you deserve some Christmassy treats.  And that is why I am so delighted to bring you this fantastic giveaway that is bigger and better than before.   Grab a mince pie…

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Get More Cashback With Quidco Cashback Reminder [AD]

November 20, 2019

[AD]  We all know how much I love Quidco.  Way back when I started this blog, I wrote a post called the Beginner’s Guide to Quidco and more recently How to Boost Your Quidco Cashback.   But Quidco keeps coming up with ways to impress me.  Their latest release is pure brilliance and will save you a lot of time, effort and money.   Let me introduce to you:  Quidco Cashback Reminder!  It is a Chrome extension that will make earning cashback on Quidco much easier.   Installing the Extension First up, follow this link.  It will take you straight to the Chrome webstore.  Here you click the button, shown in the image below that says “Add to Chrome”. Chrome will then install this extension and you will find a little Quidco symbol next to your search bar.  This is where the magic happens.   Quick Searching So, what does…

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Have You Made A Will Yet? [AD]

November 15, 2019
make a will online

This post is written in collaboration with Make A Will Online   It is not something that we like to think about really.  Personally, what happens with my money after I am gone is not going to impact me much.   However, I know that it could make a huge difference to my family.  That is why I have finally taken the time to create a will.  And, it was so easy I wish I’d done it sooner.   Why should you get a will? Over half of all parents in the UK don’t have a will.  Not only does this potentially leave your children at risk but it also means that you won’t have a say in what happens to your money.   This is particularly important for unmarried couples who would want their partner to inherit.  Under the rules of intestacy, without a will, they would receive nothing.…

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5 Good Money Habits (That Helped Us Save For A Trip Around The World)

November 13, 2019

A little while back I had a moment of realisation about this blog.  It felt like for a long time I had been trying to “fit in with the crowd.”   There are a lot of fantastic bloggers out there writing about their debt-free journey, saving for a mortgage or aiming for financial independence.  Although I resonate with a part of their stories, I feel like mine is a little different.   For the last couple of years, my husband and I have been saving to take our family around the world.  But on two part-time incomes from very average jobs.   We haven’t rejected goals to pay off our mortgage, achieve financial freedom or to stay debt-free, but we have made this our focus in the short term.   Although our goal may be a little different, the steps we have taken to get where we now are very…

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Why Starling Is The Best Debit Card to Use Abroad

November 6, 2019

Money is important!  Obviously.  But it is definitely something you need to think about when travelling abroad.  Particularly if you are not popping home for a while.   I had heard great reviews about Starling and compared them against other similar products in the market.  They turned out to be the best choice as I will review later.   What is Starling? Starling is an app-based bank.  Through it, you can open personal, joint, business and Euro accounts.  You can have one of each if you like.   Founded in 2014 and based in London, they’ve grown in popularity for a variety of reasons and not least because of their sleek app.   How do they work? Given they are app-based, you are going to need a phone.  Although, they do now offer desktop banking for business customers.  You can download the app from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.…

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