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Save Money With The Latest Deals App Supermarket Comparison Tool [AD]

March 27, 2020

We were all sad to hear that MySupermarket were leaving us and wondered if anything would up appear to replace it.  Well, we didn’t have to wait long.   The amazing Latest Deals team have been working day and night to code their new feature on their app.  And it is ready for you to download.   Lots of you were using MySupermarket to get the best prices across supermarkets and Latest Deal have come to your rescue.   Tell me more about the app First off you need to download it, then you’ll find the comparison tool in the menu in the bottom right.  Once loaded you will find a search bar at the top.   Type in what you were looking for and it will search across the six major supermarkets that offer delivery.  These are Tesco, Asda, Morrison’s, Iceland, Waitrose and Sainsbury’s.   Once you have found…

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4 Eco-friendly Products To Survive The Lockdown

March 26, 2020

When I was walking around Tesco last week, it was clear that there was a shortage of some products.  Food was a bit low, but many personal household items were non-existent.   The internet is full of jokes about how it is hard to get hold of toilet roll, but there are also other issues such as no stock of tampons.   Luckily, the world of eco-friendly products has had solutions to these problems for a while.  They could stop you from worrying about running out of some essentials and you might even save money in the long run.   Here are my top four eco-friendly solutions to survive through a lockdown:   Family cloth Also, know as reusable toilet roll.  We made this switch a while back after using reusable wipes for my children.  My argument was if it is good enough for them it is good enough for…

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Why I Stopped Using Shampoo

March 11, 2020
stop using shampoo

No, I’m not dirty.  Yes, I do like saving money.  No, this wasn’t me taking things too far.  And yes, I would recommend it.  Does that answer your questions?   Two years ago, I made the decision to stop using traditional shampoos and conditioners.  I found a big movement online called “no-poo”, where people choose to wash theirs with natural products or sometimes nothing aside from water.   After reading so many great things about it, I took the plunge and stopped using the toxic shampoos that we find in the shops.   How does no-poo work? There are several options when choosing to go no poo.  Depending on your personal situation, you choose the one that suits you best.  These are the options: Low poo. This is a bit of a halfway house.  You choose products that contain fewer chemicals. Conditioner only. Ditch the shampoo and just use conditioner.…

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How To Make Money From Tutoring

March 9, 2020
make money from tutoring

This might be the most overdue post I’ve ever written.  I started tutoring over a decade ago when I first started training to be a teacher and I have been making money from tutoring ever since.   I once read that teaching is the second most likely profession to become millionaires.  Please don’t ask me where I read that or what the top one was because I can’t remember.  But I do remember thinking that the reason for this is that we are all busy side hustling with the tutoring.   If you are thinking that tutoring is just for teachers then you would be wrong.  Obviously, you need some skills to be able to pass on and the more desirable and qualified/skilled you are at it the greater the demand.   As a maths teacher, I’m in near-constant demand.  I’m sure that if I decided I want to take…

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11 Frugal Living Tips to Save Money on Food

March 6, 2020
save money on food

Last updated on May 20th, 2020 at 11:35 am When we are trying to live a frugal lifestyle, one of the biggest challenges can be how to save money on food.  If like me, you’ve got kids, it can feel out of control sometimes.   But that doesn’t mean all is lost.  You need to get your personal finance hat on, pull up your frugal living socks and get to work on making some hardcore cutbacks.   When I first decided to reduce our grocery spend, I thought it was impossible.  I set a target of £80 a week, which given all the gluten-free food I had to buy, felt like a challenge.   At first, it was hard.  I found myself buying less stuff even though I needed it.  This meant that I would have to head out to little Tesco later in the week for a top-up.  And…

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