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7 Easy Ways To Save Money And The Planet

April 15, 2018

7 easy ways to save money and the planet I remember the moment that I decided that this personal finance blog would have an eco-friendly twist.  I had popped to the shops to get eggs and some other things for impromptu cake making session.  I’d dragged my whole family with me for the exercise.   Related posts: 10 things you can do to save money this month and every month The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Quidco to Save Money NOW   Anyway, I’d picked up most of the bits we needed and then realised that I hadn’t picked up the eggs.  I left my husband with the kids looking at crisps or chocolate probably and “nipped” to get eggs.   I only had about three choices: cheap, mid-range and fancy.  The fancy ones were in a standard cardboard egg box and were free range but were also expensive so they…

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10 Ways To Save Money This Month And Every Month

April 13, 2018

Many of us are looking for ways to save money every month and to widen the gap between the comings in and the goings out.  I absolutely love it!  I get a real kick out of shaving a few pence (or pounds) off that bill each month or even ditching one completely.  And with good reason.  The lower my monthly costs are the less reliant I am on my salary.   Now I’ve got a good job!  Not the best, but most certainly not the worst.  I get paid good money but I absolutely hate the idea of needing my job.  I’d much prefer a situation where I am genuinely working for pleasure.  Cutting my monthly costs is part of that dream! Can’t read it now?  Pin it for later! Here’s my top 10 ways to do that: Switch and save – Utilities Everyone has bills.  Phone bills, electricity bills,…

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The Ultimate Beginners’ Guide to Quidco to Save Money NOW

April 9, 2018

If you’re not already using Quidco, you should be!  This beginners’ guide will show you how to use Quidco and make money. There’s not one person reading this who couldn’t make a few pounds from it so read on. What is this Quidco? Quidco is a cashback website. The places you are buying from pay Quidco to encourage you to spend your money with them rather than their competitors. Quidco take this money and pass (at least of some of) it on to you.   What does this actually mean for me? You can get some money back for the shopping you do, both online and in store. Essentially this is a bit of your money back in your pocket.   How do I sign up? Follow this link.  (Signing up through this link will give you an extra £10 cashback!) Create an account.  You will need to enter a…

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How I made £900+ in less than 11 weeks (and not from blogging)

April 8, 2018

Who doesn’t love a bit of extra money?  I am all about multiple streams of income these days.  I started 2018 determined to fully get to grips with my family’s financial situation and I think I made a good start.  Without leaving my house (mostly) I have managed to make an extra £900 in the last 11 weeks and this is how.   Online Tutoring – £691.88 As a maths teacher, I have a service to sell.  People like their kids to be good at maths, therefore, they are happy to pay people like me to help them.  I started the year by advertising my services on TutorHub and very quickly got interest from two families.  I am now tutoring these students multiple times a week after I have put my own kids to bed.   Now I know you are going to say “well that’s all great, but I’m…

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