How To Get Cheap Train Tickets [AD]

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I love travelling by train!  It is brilliant with kids.  You grab yourself a table, take a picnic and spend the entire journey playing games and looking out the window.


If someone needs a wee, you get up, wander to the toilet and then come back.  It is all really simple!


However, I do think that the process of buying train tickets is confusing.  Obviously, I love a bargain and shopping around is the way to do that.  But there are so many options out there.


How to save money on train tickets?

One of the best ways to save money on train tickets is to split your tickets.  This means breaking the whole trip down into shorter journeys and paying for these separately.


There are many occasions when taking this approach will save you money, but it can take time to find these money saving solutions.  Plus, there can be lots of different combinations to try out.


What is the solution then?

Luckily, there is a website that is doing all this hard work for you.  Thank goodness! has developed an easy website that finds these deals for you and comes back with the best price.


It works in the same way that any other train ticket website works in that you enter your starting point and destination, date and time and number of passengers and then let it get searching. will then provide you with the best price.  This may mean a traditional style ticket or it may mean splitting your tickets.


If you need to split your tickets to save money, they will ensure that you aren’t inconvenienced much in the process and you follow all the rules.


How does buying more tickets save money?

Well, the example give on their website is to consider the situation if your journey starts during peak time.  If you buy a ticket for the whole journey, then you are going to pay the peak time rate.


But if you split your ticket, you can take advantage of the cheaper prices during off-peak travel times and potentially save some cash in the process.


Are there any downsides? do their best to ensure that you aren’t inconvenienced.  But there may be situations where you may need to change seats, for example, if you want to reserve them.


You are also going to have to carry a few more tickets around with you rather than just one.  Sorry!


Other than that, you shouldn’t notice any difference.  Aside from the healthier looking bank account.


How do they make money?

It is easy to see how other train ticket companies make money.  They wait until you are about to pay then add a processing or booking fee on.  Sometimes both.


Other companies will try and sell you a hotel room at your destination or car hire or whatever else they can think of that is vaguely relevant to train travel. take a slightly different approach to this and charge 10% of the saving that you have made by using their service.  This means that you still get the majority of the discount without all the hassle you get from other ticket sites.


Where could you travel this year?

Now, you know how to save money on your train travel, where might you head this year?


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