Have You Made A Will Yet? [AD]

November 15, 2019
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This post is written in collaboration with Make A Will Online


It is not something that we like to think about really.  Personally, what happens with my money after I am gone is not going to impact me much.


However, I know that it could make a huge difference to my family.  That is why I have finally taken the time to create a will.  And, it was so easy I wish I’d done it sooner.


Why should you get a will?

Over half of all parents in the UK don’t have a will.  Not only does this potentially leave your children at risk but it also means that you won’t have a say in what happens to your money.


This is particularly important for unmarried couples who would want their partner to inherit.  Under the rules of intestacy, without a will, they would receive nothing.


Also, if you are separated but not divorced, your ex would be entitled to your entire estate unless you get a will in place.


How do you get a will?

The easiest way to do this is online.  I was approached by Make A Will Online and created my will through their site.


For us, we just wanted a basic will outlining what happens to our money if one of us passes.  (We want the entire estate to pass to each other, which isn’t exactly what happens if you don’t have a will.)


We also wanted to make it clear what happens to out money if we pop off last.  In that case, it goes to our kids evenly.


This is easy peasy will-writing.  I was able to do this through Make A Will Online in about 10 mins.


How do you create a will with Make A Will Online?

It’s simple, follow this link and create an account (you’ll get up to 33% off with this code MAWO5).  Once you’ve created an account you’ll find tabs across the top with different sections for you to complete.


The sections are:

  1. Your details – information about you including name and address.
  2. Executors – you will need to nominate two people to carry out the terms of your will. Normally, these are people that are younger than you and they typically benefit in some way.
  3. Guardians – you can use this section to name guardians for your children.
  4. Residuaries – this is what will happen to the remainder of your estate after any special gifts have been distributed
  5. Special Gifts – I’ll talk about this in the next section.
  6. Funeral – here you can make any requests about your funeral.

What are special gifts?

This is where you leaving specific items or sums of money to special people or organisations.  For example, you may want to leave your grandchildren a fixed sum each before dividing the rest between your children.


Alternatively, you can choose to leave some of your estate to a charity organisation.  If there is an organisation close to your heart, or that has supported you, they will be very grateful to be considered in your will.


What happens after you complete your online will?

Make A Will Online will then send your will to a solicitor to be checked.  Once this is complete, you will be sent any email to confirm that it is ready to go.


You will also be sent instructions on how to make it legal.  This includes printing it off and signing it in front of two witnesses.


Sort your will out today

I had put this off for a long time, but now it is complete it is such a weight off my shoulders.  I know that for the sake of £29.50 (and an extra £10 for the husband’s), that it will make things so much easier for my family.


Protecting your money after you've gone should be an important consideration. But it didn't be difficult or expensive. Learn how to make a will online that is quick and cheap.

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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