Do you have a platform but are struggling to monetise it?

Are you waiting for brands to contact you but no one is reaching out?

Do you find pricing your services confusing because no one seems to talk about it?

Do you want to turn your platform into a seriously profitable business?

If you answered YES to any of these, then keep reading because we are going to tell you how you can turn your YouTube channel/website/social media channel into a money-making machine.

Charlotte started her website, Looking After Your Pennies back in 2018. It took six months for her first sponsored post to land. She had no idea how to actually make money from her website and social platforms.

Then in 2019, she changed up her strategy. She wanted to use her websites to subsidise a trip around the world and this needed a new direction. She changed her prices and her approach to working with brands and now earns a full time income from her business.

Anna started her channel in November 2019, but started posting regularly in lockdown. Within just a few weeks she was already making money from the channel.

However, after realising how the industry works, she has now started making thousands of pounds from the channel through various routes and working with brands, only a few months later.

We don’t want you to continue on a path of no financial reward for fantastic content. You deserve to be making good money from your content and this is why we have teamed up to provide the following workshops:

Learn how to price your platform to make the money you want

Discover the true value of your content and what this means for brands

Find out how to build relationships with brands that means that come back to you again and again

The REAL secret to earning the money you want on your platform

Three individual workshops
1.5-hour sessions
Exclusive access to Facebook group

Each workshop is ONLY £14.99

All three workshop are now complete but you can buy access to the online course versions. These include access to recordings from the original workshop, including the Q&As, plus you will be given entry to the exclusive Facebook group. To buy these courses, please use the buttons below:

Frequently Asked Questions

I have only small numbers of subscribers. Are these workshops for me?

Absolutely. We believe that anyone can monetise their platform. Furthermore, we have lots of hints and tips to help you grow your platforms too.

I’m on Instagram. Can I get sponsorship deals for that?

Yes. All social media channels can be monetised if you know how to do it.

Do I need to attend both workshops?

No, but we think that they go perfectly together.

I’m not a money content creator. Can I still come?

Of course. Although, we are both in the money niche, our rules can be applied to any sector, so come along and get all our juicy information.

P.S. We spent months and years learning all this information from blog posts, YouTube videos and experts. To have a side hustle THIS profitable is phenomenal and it is totally possible for you too.

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