9 transformational budget backyard ideas

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With the sun shining and the lockdown still largely in place, we have been spending much of time enjoying our garden.


Over the years, I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with our backyard.  Every Spring, I head out there and it looks destroyed from the harshness of Winter.  I spend several weekends tidying it up a bit and enjoyed it over the Summer.


But I’ve never completely made it perfect.  This Summer though, I have had the time and the good weather to get out there and sort it out.  All on a budget of course.


Here are my tops budget backyard ideas to give your garden the makeover it deserves this year.

Get rid of the weeds

This is such a simple one but it will make a huge difference to the space.  There are several ways that you can do this.


Weedkiller is the easiest, but personally I don’t like chucking all those chemicals around and therefore opt to do it by hand.  You can get some great tools to help you too.

Ask for plant cuttings

If you need plants, then why not ask your friends, family and neighbours for cutting from there plants.  There are some beautiful plants that like to grow all over the place so they may well be more than happy to share.


We pretty much filled an entire flower bed with plants that were donated to us by friends and family.  We end up with a beautiful mix and it cost us nothing.

planting seeds

Seed swap

There are a few Facebook groups that promote seed swapping.  You can ask for seeds for particular plants and vegetables and just pay the shipping costs.


It helps of course if you have something to offer the group too, so it might be worth investing in a few packets of seeds yourself.


Use old paint to touch up fences

If you are anything like us, then you’ve got a shed full of half-used paints.  Drag out the old fence paints and touch up any areas that have worn down a bit.


Not a paint hoarder?  Then look on Facebook marketplace to see if someone is getting rid of any.  It is hard to dispose of paint so many people like to pass it on to people that are going to use it.

old tyre garden decoration

Repurpose old tyres

Old tyres make for great planters.  Again, they can be expensive to dispose of, so if you ask at your local garage or mechanic then they might give you some for free.


You can then spray paint them, fill them with compost and use them for growing flowers or vegetables.


Build some pallet furniture

We did this and I love them.  My husband sourced some old pallets from his work and turned them into a cute furniture set for us.


They literally cost us nothing to make as we sourced the nails from other projects.  This year, I used some leftover paint to brighten them up.  They look better than ever.

budget backyard pallet furniture

Make some pallet planters

You can use pallets to make planters too.  You can make one that stands on the floor or ones that hand on the wall.


A lick of paint and a few plants, or even better herbs, and your pallet planter will become a great feature in your backyard.


Spray some pots

If you’ve got some old tired looking pots in your garden, then you bring these back to life with a clean and some spray paint.


Whatever colour you fancy is available in spray paint, so the only limit is your imagination.  I know if I asked the kids they’d want rainbow ones.  I said no!


Add some lights and decorations

Just like a room in your home, it needs finishing off with a few lights and decorations.  These don’t have to be expensive either.


You can even use your Christmas lights if they don’t have snowmen hanging off them or something.  But failing that, look online at budget shops and you’ll be able to find lots of great ideas for not a lot of money.


Don’t spend a fortune

Your garden deserves your love, but it doesn’t deserve your life savings.  A bit of effort in the garden will go further than a lot of expensive plants in pots.

Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

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