How To Get £100 Worth Of Sports Clothes For (Close To) Nothing

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When one of our cars broke down a couple of months back, Mr Pennies and I decided to see how long we could last without it.  We had another car so we weren’t desperate for it, but getting to work and taking the kids out at the same time required a bit of creativity.  That’s when my husband dusted off his bike and started cycling.


Three months later and he is now cycling to work every day and loving it.  I however started to get a bit jealous of his improving fitness and more streamlined physique and decided it was time to stop the excuses and get outside.  I am now running three to five times a week.  We are like one of those super cute fitness freak couples.  Or not!


Our new lust for exercise is possibly not as cheap as we originally thought it would be.  My husband decided that his bike needed new tyres and that new pedals would make him more efficient.  I realised that cheap trainers just weren’t going to cut it if I wanted to run regularly, so we had to pay out for these things.  The super frugal person in me was not happy though!  She knew that I could do better than this and she was right.  I could!

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Extremely Frugal? Would you go THIS far?


Today a package arrived containing £100 worth of sports clothes and I paid 70p for all of it.  That’s it!  Less than a quid for 9 items of sports clothes delivered to my house.  Now this isn’t some crazy scam nor did I enter a competition nor was it a gift.  And yes they are all brand new!  You can do this too.  These are the steps to take:


  • Sign up for Quidco.

You can use this link here and you’ll get a £10 bonus if you do.  I have been using Quidco for years now and it is ingrained in me to go to Quidco before I purchase anything.  If you have not used Quidco before then you can see my “how to guide” here.


I had been accumulating cashback through Quidco and I had £80.26 in my account.  This took me a couple of months to generate by habitually ensuring that all purchases are done through this site.  I make most money by changing energy and insurance providers.  Get creative.  Utilise this website to the full.  You’ll soon see the cashback start building up.


Loving shopping does not have to mean spending money. Learn how I (and you can too) used cashback sites to get free fitness wear. #shopping #frugalliving #sport #debtfree #lookingafteryourpennies
  • Withdraw to Zeek

When you choose to withdraw your money from Quidco you have several options.  You can have the money sent straight to your bank account or PayPal.  But this is not the best value option.  If you choose to withdraw your money as voucher you can get various bonuses.  I choose to withdraw mine as Zeek vouchers.  This earns me an additional 15% bonus, which took my total withdrawal amount to £92.30.


If you haven’t heard of Zeek then let me explain.  Zeek is a platform for buying and selling gift cards.  They buy them off some people then selling them on at less than face value.  This means that you can get a £25 gift card for less than £25.  That’s a saving right there.


Sign up for Zeek here and get an extra £5 bonus!


  • Voucher code

Once I had withdrawn to Zeek I found the shop, through their website, that I wanted to buy from.  In this case I wanted to use Sports Direct.  One of the reasons for using this retailer is that their gift cards were offered at a good price with 4% off.  This mean that I was able to buy a £100 gift card for £96.  But I only had £92.30 and I didn’t want to pay nearly £4.


I did a quick Google search and saw that there was a voucher code to get £3 off any gift cards for sports shops.  I entered that into Zeek and voila!  My £100 gift card was now only going to cost me 70p.


Loving shopping does not have to mean spending money. Learn how I (and you can too) used cashback sites to get free fitness wear. #shopping #frugalliving #sport #debtfree #lookingafteryourpennies
  • SHOP

All that was left was to shop!  I chose a few bits for my husband as per his requests and several bits for me.  Everything I bought was reduced so you could claim that I saved even more money but I don’t subscribe to the “savings” that retailers offer.  (That’s another blog post there!) But all totalled up I “spent” £99.96 including delivery.  For 9 items of sports clothes!


Shopping doesn’t have to cost you money

I am a big fan of the guilt-free shop!  I really enjoy buying things and having new stuff that I love, but I hate spending my money.  Therefore I am always keen to find ways to make my money go further.  Quidco and Zeek are some of the best ways to do this.  So sign up to both now.


Disclaimer:  Remember the information you read here does not represent financial advice.  Any ideas or suggestions are just that and may not work for you.  Read the full disclaimer here.

Loving shopping does not have to mean spending money. Learn how I (and you can too) used cashback sites to get free fitness wear. #shopping #frugalliving #sport #debtfree #lookingafteryourpennies

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What a great post. I’d never heard of Zeek and using a voucher code as well was pure genius!

Charlotte Jessop

Yep! I felt like I got a great deal!

Joanna Stephens

I love finding ways to save money! Plus, getting some new sports clothes definitely motivates me to work out more. Win-win for sure!

These are awesome tips for saving obviously a TON of money!! I’ve never heard of Zeek – so cool!

Maddy Gutierrez

OMG how have I never heard of this before? This is so cool!

Charlotte Jessop

Yep! I love free stuff!

toeatdrinkbemarried (@Sophinza)

I looove free stuff! Can’t wait to look into all this!

Charlotte Jessop

Free stuff is the best!

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